Play Your Game: A Better NBA 2K MyCareer Experience

NBA 2K23 is the annual renewal of the well-known hoops simulator we all enjoy. Aside from better-looking graphics and new shooting animations, the game has an expansive scope of playing modes, which includes MyCareer.

While you watch tonight’s basketball games and check out NBA expert picks, learn here how to have a great time playing the latest title in NBA 2K.

With a strong case for being the most favored of the options, MyCareer lets you become an NBA newcomer trying to make a name for yourself. You’ll be counted on to make it through early choices in your avatar’s career, which will mold your character for upcoming seasons. Of course, there’s more to it than ball handling, so let’s take a look at how to get the most out of your MyCareer experience.

Crafting Your Experience

Prior to hopping into your player ratings — such as everybody’s favorite, shooting from behind the arc — you begin by creating your avatar’s appearance. Toy with how you want your player to look, with different hairstyles and detailed adjustments to facial features.

After that, you’ll pick what position you’ll play, which has an impact on what your on-court experience will be like. Each position allows a fixed range to modify height and weight, another factor in what your ratings will look like.

Note that widening your player’s wingspan does not have any effect on dribbling for players up under 7’0”. The more reach a player has helps with putting shots up over tall defenders and covering talented players on the other side of the court.

Divvy up attribute points over several sections to shape how your avatar would play if they reach the top level. Then, shooting animations are another key, so go with the one you think fits your player most. You can pick from those of NBA stars or generic releases, but make sure you like how it looks.

Make sure to take a peek at the badges you can pick up in the variety of sections — such as finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense — and think about how you’ll earn them as your career rolls along. A number of bronze badges don’t require much and blacked-out badges are unable to be unlocked depending on your player’s stature.

The game will let you know what NBA players look similar to before it is finalized. No matter what you dub your avatar, they’ll be called MP.

Welcome to the League

More than a player’s path to the league, MyPlayer is a thrill ride that watches as a player attempts to earn their keep in a new setting rife with foes. Count on your player to be taken with the 18th pick of the draft, just one slot before his rival, Shep Owens.

Remember that you can pick which squad takes you, so either go with your favorite crew or one where you’ll see more playing time. Right after getting drafted, you’ll take on Owens in the Summer League title matchup. Your coach will design his game plan on that showing.

Say you can finish with a grade of an A or better, and you’ll be your team’s sixth man in the regular season. You can’t slack off, though, and it’s more than scoring. You’ve got to put down shots but also open chances for teammates, defend, and avoid miscues. Go with what the defense gives you and make sure to take a pass for a seamless assist rather than forcing an ill-advised shot.

With each game, you’ll add MyCareer points that help your overall and Virtual Currency (VC) that serves the purpose of directly bettering attributes. Fulfill season goals to quickly improve, as well.

Your Surroundings

The City is a large area with training facilities, media stations, recording studios, shops, basketball courts, and a whole lot more. Make your brand on and off the hardwood with this option. Your success gets you more fans and helps your reputation in the City. Look for endorsement chances to garner even more points.

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