Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach {Jan} Find What Happened

Monica met La’Darius and said she had forgiven and hoped the same from La’Darius. Know about what happened with Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach.

The news of Monica Aldama, a cheerleader, is trending in the United States. Did you know that Monica Aldama is the head cheerleader for the Navarro College Bulldogs? She heads the cheerleading group from Navarro College in Corsicana. 

La’Darius Marshall is one of the team members. Did you know that La’Darius Marshall accused the cheerleading group of mental and physical abuse? Let’s read about what happened to Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach.

The History:

Netflix’s television serial – Cheer showed the journey of the cheerleading team to the National Cheerleaders Association Championship 2019. Monica and La’Darius were both featured in the television serial. The cheerleading group from Navarro College in Corsicana had won the Championship. 

Current happening:

The Cheer season 2, which started on Netflix on 12th January, also featured Monica and La’Darius. But, La’Darius accused the Navarro College Cheerleading group of mental and physical abuse.

The controversy gained public attention as La’Darius accused Monica on social media posts stating that he would like to see if Monica would lie and Monica cannot make him silent now.

What happened to Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach, according to La’Darius?

According to La’Darius, Kailee Peppers (an assistant coach) had performed in season-29 of Dancing With the Stars. During the performance, La’Darius was not satisfied with Kailee and called Monica several times for help. But, La’Darius was unheard of and taken for granted.

After returning from Dancing with the Stars, Monica yelled at La’Darius and called him a bad apple. It made La’Darius quit the Navarro College Cheerleading group.

What happened, according to Monica?

Navarro College Cheerleaders claimed that La’Darius had tried to get Kailee fired, and he ill-treated Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach and Kailee after she became a coach.

Monica told the producers that La’Darius had handed over a dog to Kailee, stating he would take it back after the semester ended. However, Kailee gave the dog for adoption. Due to this, there was a controversy between both of them. 

Monica informed the producers that La’Darius threatened Kailee, and at Kailee’s home, La’Darius said that he would knock off her door if she did not return the dog. 

Reconciling relationship:

Monica met La’Darius recently and asked him if he ever felt that Monica as Navarro Cheer Assistant Coach was abusive? Monica said that her heart was broken. La’Darius, in his meeting with Monica, broke down in tears. La’Darius replied that he thought of Monica like his mother, and he thought of her likewise how she thought of La’Darius.


In January 2022, La’Darius and Monica came to terms with restoring their friendship and are following each other on social media. The whole series of events that happened between La’Darius Marshall and Monica Aldama was aired on Netflix – Cheer Season two on 12th January 2022. 

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