Natwest My Rewards Scam: Check What Are The Different Thoughts Of People On Reviews

This post on Natwest My Rewards Scam will reveal the trust behind the latest My Rewards scam email by Natwest

Do you know NatWest? Have you heard about their rewards scam? NatWest company has recently been involved in a scam surrounding the “my rewards” feature. People from the United Kingdom are keen to learn more about the scam and are searching for further details. This post on Natwest My Rewards Scam will explain all the crucial details about the rewards scam of NatWest. So, please stay tuned til the end.

What is the latest news about NatWest?

NatWest is one of the big four clearing banks in the UK. It has hundreds of branches and thousands of cash machines in UK. It is one of the most well known banks to make online transactions in the UK. However, a recent scam in the NatWest bank has alerted the customers. Many people have been targeted in this scam. 

Some Natwest My Rewards Reviews have revealed that NatWest has sent an email to all of the users regarding the My Rewards feature. The email said that NatWest has converted their balance in the Argos Vouchers. Many people found the email genuine at first and thought that the email was originally from NatWest. However, reports have revealed that the email is not directly from NatWest and it has been sent as a scam by some unknown account. 

Disclaimer – We are not targeting or blaming any person or organisation for anything. All the informatiom in this post has been taken from trusted websites and has been verified. The only purpose of writing this article is just to convey information to the readers.

What has NatWest said about the Natwest My Rewards Scam?

NatWest has published a statement where they have confirmed that they are not sending any type of email related to the My Rewards account of the users. NatWest has also said that there is an error in the email and all the users should ignore the email. Many people have talked about this spam on the internet review sites and have said that they received this email. 

People have said that they immediately suspected the scam because of the bad wording and inconsistency in the email. Besides this, some people have said that they wanted a clarification from NatWest regarding the Natwest My Rewards Scam. Also, many people wondered if there balance was deducted because when they clicked on the link. However, no such cases have been confirmed yet. 

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Final words

To summarise this post, NatWest has confirmed that they didn’t send the fraud email to the customer. Please visit this link to learn more about NatWest 

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Natwest My Rewards Scam – FAQs

Q1. What is NatWest?

Answer: NatWest is one of the most renowned digital banks in the United Kingdom.

Q2. What is the latest news about NatWest?

Answer: Some reports have revealed that people are receving a spam email regarding the My Rewards feature of NatWest.

Q3. What is the scam email saying about the My Rewards feature?

Answer: The scam email have said that the balance of the customers are now transferred to the Argos Vouchers in the My Rewards section.

Q4. Is the email about My Rewards account legit?

Answer: During our research, we have concluded that the email about the My Rewards account is fake.

Q5. What has NatWest said about the Natwest My Rewards Scam?

Answer: NatWest has confirmed that the email is a scam and customers should ignore it.

Q6. What are the customers saying about the NatWest email?

Answer: Customers are concluded that the email sent by NatWest is fake because of the inconsistency and other errors.

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