National Rainbow Baby Day 2021 {Aug} Know Some Facts!

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The above article discusses what National Rainbow Baby Day 2021 is, and you can go through the article to know more facts about this particular topic.

Have you ever heard of National Rainbow Day? Are you a parent? Have you and your partner ever faced miscarriage or stillbirth? If you have not heard of these things before, we suggest you go through the article to know more details.

Statics say atleast 1 in 10 women faces miscarriage over a lifetime. Therefore, miscarriage or stillbirth cases are very heartbreaking situations that potential parents come across. National Rainbow Baby Day 2021 is celebrated worldwide in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canadaand Australia it is also a way to commemorate the lost child.

National Rainbow Day in detail

Couples who face stillbirth or miscarriage know how hard it is to explain that situation, a baby whose face you have not seen yet, they are a part of yours, you are waiting eagerly for the day you hold your baby in arms, and you love them the most in world. The loss of that child can be extremely devastating. The baby born after such cases is a rainbow baby. 

How you can celebrate National Rainbow Baby Week 2021?

This day is celebrated on 22nd August all around the world. How one celebrates this is absolute upto them, many people celebrate this day worldwide publicly and privately.

  • You can celebrate it by having lunch or dinner with your loved ones 
  • You can make donations towards such causes
  • In the memory of your angel child, you can make charity
  • You can make cookies or write a letter for your angle baby
  • Spreading awareness and sharing your story with the other couples 
  • You can simply celebrate this day by spending more time with your rainbow baby

Spreading Positivity and Awareness

The National Rainbow Baby Day 2021 is also a way to spread positivity on this topic. Loss of a child before its birth and how it affects the parents is one of the least discussed and taken for granted topics. The after-effects that a couple goes through, such as; anxiety, sadness, sometime it can create tension between the couple, and for a mother, she goes through physical and mental stress on all levels; in short, its inexplicable in mere words. Mental stress is immense, and it takes months of sessions with a therapist to get normal sometimes.

People who had gone through such a situation can come forward and help other couples; on National Rainbow Baby Week 2021, they can also make donations or charity because not everyone has resources for therapists and other medical assistance. To the very least, society

expects from the people who have gone through a similar situation that they would understand and will step up to help many others.


People all around the globe and especially in big countries where luxury is another far-fetched thing because making a living is tough. It is common for couples to face miscarriage and other complications due to excess workload and many other problems. To know more about it, click on the link.

Do you celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day 2021? Please let us know in the comments.

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