Nachw Scam (January 2022) Decoding The Truth Here!

This article discusses whether the Nachw Scam query holds and mentions other relevant information.

We can only determine how rapidly the Coronavirus spreads among individuals through efficient testing. And only after that can we take appropriate steps to contain the spread of the virus by isolating the affected individuals to stop the transmission. 

NACHW is offering free kits to users for rapid COVID testing. That’s why users are gaining some interest in knowing about Nachw Scam.

It’s become quite trendy in the United States and nearby regions. Keep reading this article to know more about the legitimacy of this scheme by the NACHW. We’ll mention all the crucial details to clarify whether it’s a scam or a legitimate scheme.

What is NACHW?

The NACHW stands for the National Association of Community Health Workers, formed in 2019 by various community health workers. It’s a non-profit organization in the US that aims to unify these workers and give them a platform. The organization also actively works for the betterment of the community.

The Nachw Scam

  • Recently, users have been questioning whether NACHW offering free COVID testing kits to users in the United States is a scam.
  • However, the NACHW is an official and legitimate organization, as we mentioned above.
  • As per reports, NACHW offers free testing kits to users to order through their website.
  • Users wonder if this claim is true or if the website is collecting personal data by making a false claim to offer testing kits.
  • The claim that NACHW offers free kits isn’t entirely false, but not completely true either.

The Truth Behind The Nachw Scam

Let’s look at all the relevant details about this scheme below and comment on its legitimacy.

  • The NACHW free testing kits aren’t a scam. NACHW is indeed offering free testing kits to users.
  • The catch is that NACHW isn’t distributing the kits from their end. Instead, they are redirecting users to other legitimate sources to get these kits.
  • Users are reporting that they are receiving a message from the NACHW informing them about the availability of free testing kits.
  • After extensive research and going through many user responses, we can comment that Nachw Scam doesn’t exist. The scheme by NACHW is legit, and they’re redirecting users to other government sources for the same.
  • Users are also reporting that by signing up for free kits on its website, you are automatically registered for governmental free testing kits, like the USPS scheme.
  • Look at the discussions about this scheme here.

The Final Verdict  

Testing is an integral part of the strategy to control the rapid spread of the Coronavirus in the nation. It is why governmental authorities are offering free testing kits to users. Users are questioning the legitimacy of the scheme by NACHW to offer free kits. We have mentioned all the relevant information about it above. 

What do you think of this scheme by NACHW? Kindly share how helpful you found our information for the Nachw Scam in the comments.

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