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Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Müzekartgns. com offering various programs and Müzekartgns card to promote socialization among youths.

Are you interested in exploring the history of Turkey to know more about old cultures and traditions? Will travelling to various places of archaeological and historical importance help you in socialization? 

Did you know about a program launched by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to promote such activities? Did you know that you can avail yourself benefits of the program for free? Let’s check details about Müzekartgns. com.

About Müzekartgns.com:

Müzekartgns.com is a website endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It aims to provide travel, cultural, artistic, and sports opportunities to promote socialization among youth aged between 18 to 25 years.

Müzekartgns.com offers a digital Müzekartgns card that will allow youth to visit more than 300 museums, cultural, archaeological, and historic sites for free. To get a Müzekartgns card, an individual must register at Müzekartgns.com by providing his name, TC ID, DoB, photo, and email. 

Müzekartgns’s card is not sent physically. It needs to be installed on your mobile devices. The Müzekart GNS card allows entry to two people. Müzekartgns card is non-transferable. You cannot visit the same site on the same day within three hours. 

While entering the museums, the user must switch on Bluetooth and scan the QR code at the museum box office entrance. The user is also required to install Turkey’s Museum app on a mobile device to access the QR code generated for the museum.

Müzekartgns virtual card allows youth to travel and access various sites for free between 1st June 2022 till 1st October 2022. Müzekartgns.com provides information on various sites that can be visited. 

The Legitimacy of Müzekartgns. com:

Müzekartgns.com provides links to several government websites that support registration as a volunteer, registration for youth camps, becoming a member of the youth center, and getting free sports training.

Müzekartgns.com was registered on 15th June 2022 in GB. It was recently updated on 18th June 2022. However, Müzekartgns.com was registered until 15th June 2023, which suggests a short life expectancy. The website is two months and twenty-three days old.

As a young website, it gained a terrible 1% trust score, which will take time to improve. Müzekartgns.com has a valid SSL certificate for the next 283 days. Müzekartgns. com uses a valid and secured HTTPS connection. 

Müzekartgns.com gained a below-average business ranking of 47.1%, a medium Alexa ranking of 490,636, a 16% Proximity to suspicious websites, a 3% malware score, and a 36% score on threat and spam profiles.


Müzekartgns.com is a young website launched to offer Müzekartgns virtual card registration. It is endorsed by the Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports. Hence, it is a legitimate website. However, as a young website, Müzekartgns.com scored low on the trust index, Alexa score, and business ranking. Therefore, it will take time to improve its scores as the website gains popularity and becomes old.

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