Must Love Ice Cream Review (Jan) Is It A Legit Portal?

In Must Love Ice Cream Review, we mentioned all the essential points of the website to help consumers understand it properly. For more updates, follow our blog.

Hello readers, now the winter season is going. So, do you love to eat ice cream in the winter season? Are you thinking about what we are asking you? Because in the discussed topic, we are talking about a website offering a variety of ice-creams.

The website has been getting attention in the United States and Canada. In the Must Love Ice Cream Review, we study its advantages, disadvantages, and authenticity by discussing the following section. So, continue to read the content.

What is a Must. Love website?

It is an online shopping website, but it is a unique type of website. Because it does not deal in clothes, electronics, accessories, etc. but it deals in ice-creams. You got water in your mouth to hear about this website products.

This website was created by the two best friends that were their unique idea to sell ice-creams through an online platform. They ensure the quality of ice-creams. In addition, they offer a variety of ice-creams and sprinkles.

But consumers need to know that Is Must Love Ice Cream Legit or any scam.

To know essential facts of Must. Love website-

  • Website URL–
  • The web portal has marked on– 13/10/2020
  • The domain will drop on– 13/10/2023
  • Email address Not found.
  •  Official address– We could not find its valid official address.
  • Shipping Policy- Once the order is shipped, it takes 1-2 days to arrive at your door.
  •  Free shipping-It offers worldwide free shipping above on order $60+.
  • Social media presence- On its home page, we found social media logo, and after clicking on it, we found an advertisement page on a social site.
  • Phone number– To study Must Love Ice Cream Review, the developer did not state the communicating number on the website’s contact detail.
  • Shipping cost- It charges $15 on every order below $60+.
  • Shipping regions- We ship to all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C. We cannot ship to P.O. boxes.
  • Return Policy– It is not mentioned.
  • Refund Policy– Not found.
  •  Payment modes– Pay-Pal, Debit Card, Credit Card.

Pros of Must.Love Website:

  • It is HTTPS protected.
  •  We did not find any denylist engine.

The downside of Must.Love Website:

  • It is a too young domain.
  • On the official page of the web site website, no valid information is available about the relevant policies.

To know Is Must Love Ice Cream Legit or any scam:

Many of the consumers faced online shopping scams and met financial losses. Moreover, we suggest that you check the Website authenticity before you shop, saving you money. So, we will study some valid points of the website to know the site’s credibility and whether it is trustworthy or any scam. Lets study-

  • Domain Age: The web portal has launched on 13/10/2020, and it is a 1-year old website.
  • Trust Score: The trust score is excellent, its 60%.
  • Reliable Official address: To study Must Love Ice Cream Reviewwe cannot find the website valid official address.
  • Valid Contact Number: Buyers cannot find a valid contact number in its contact feature.
  •  Social Media Presence: We found its promotional page on the social media site.
  •  Websites Owner Name: Hannah and Mollie are both best friends and are the website’s founders.
  •  Percentage of Pirated Content: The web portal copied 100 % content from another site.
  • Alexa Ranking: As per Alexa, the world’s leading ranking site website got # 538,628 ranking over the last 90 days.

Henceforth from the above details, we cannot say that it is an authentic site.

Need to verify Must Love Ice Cream Review-

After analyzing website reviews, we found many positive reviews on its social media promotional page. In addition, it has an excellent trust score it means it follows by many buyers and is popular among its competitive brand.

All the relevant info like policies and the official address is missing that questions the site’s authenticity. So, we will suggest that our buyers check Everything You Should Know About Paypal Scam

The Closing Statement:

The website deals with many products like CASHEW COOKIE 

Absence of valid info and missing Must Love Ice Cream Review, not in favor of the site.

Meanwhile, buyers need to know about details if they are Victim of Credit Card Deception and keep themselves safe. Have you confronted any Credit Card scams? Share your feedback.

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