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This article describes a museum that displays hundreds of failed services and projects worldwide. Read more details about the Museum of Failure Calgary.    

How often do you celebrate your failures? Are you eager to know about a museum built to celebrate the failures of popular companies? Then, keep reading till the end, as we explore this exciting concept.

People from Canada are curious about the different concepts and look forward to visiting the Museum of Failure Calgary. The recent opening made the Canadians excited about the unique perspective. Let’s find more interesting facts about the museum and the details associated with the innovations displayed. 

About Calgary Museum of Failure

The Calgary Museum of Failure opened on 1st July 2022 in the Canadian city of Calgary. The museum is situated at the Southcentral Mall, and online ticket booking is open. The museum has a collection of more than 130 failed innovations.

 Dr Samuel West, a licensed psychologist, is the museum’s curator. The interesting concept is put forward for productive discussion and to learn and gain inspiration from failures.

Museum of Failure Calgary     

  • Failure Calgary got first introduced in Helsingborg, Sweden. Later the museum gained popularity and conducted successful exhibits in Paris, Shanghai, and Los Angeles.
  • Calgary Museum of Failure got organized by Lucas McCarthy, founder, and CEO of Showpass.
  • The museum is open to visitors till 31st August 2022.
  • Online tickets are available on the Showpass website.
  • The general visitors (ages 13 – 64) are charged $28.11 CAD, including tax.
  • Children (ages 5 – 12) are charged $21.93 CAD including tax, while senior citizens (ages 65+) are charged $23.99 CAD including tax.

Major Failed innovations at Calgary Museum

The major failed innovations displayed at the Museum of Failure Calgary are mentioned below:

  • Nike Magneto (1995 – 1997): Nike Magneto was cool eyewear endorsed by famous athletes. The concept of magnetic gluing was found to be troublesome.
  • Toshiba HD DVD (2006–2008): Toshiba introduced blue laser in HD formats to compete with Sony but failed to get support and lost a whopping 1 billion dollars.
  • Apple Newton (1993-1998): Apple Newton was developed as a personal digital assistant with a touch screen. Handwriting recognition got criticized heavily for its slowness and inaccuracy. As a result, Steve Jobs stopped the Newton project on his return in 1997. Read more on the Museum of Failure Calgary.
  • Google Wave (2009 – 2010): The effort made by Google to develop an ultimate communication tool failed miserably. 

Feedback on Calgary Museum of Failure

  • Michelle Beldi, a visitor, mentioned that she had lots of fun visiting the museum.
  • Joshua Harrop, another visitor, got amazed by the failed innovations.
  • Lucas McCarthy mentioned that the show is his attempt to highlight innovation and creativity. 


In the modern world, the importance of learning from failures is ignored, and the concept of the Museum of Failure reminds us that failure is just a part of the process. To know more details on this topic, kindly visit here. 

What are your thoughts on the Museum of Failure Calgary? Kindly share your thoughts below.  

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