Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja Blast {Feb} Where It Back

Here, in this article, we will read about the latest Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja Blast discussions. Read to know more.

There is a lot of craze for beverages like Mountain dew all over the world and mainly in western countries like the United States. Mountain dew is one such beverage that is being liked by people a lot, and they like to have it along with their meals.

Due to its popularity, mountain dew has launched several drinks with different flavors, and one of their best drinks is Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja BlastAnd if you are a mountain dew fan, you should know about this drink and must have it. And there are many things you should know about it, about that we will discuss further in this article.

What Is Baja Blast?

Baja Blast is the new mountain dew flavor, a Mexican-inspired drink of lime flavor. The color of this drink is an ocean-like teal look. The theming of this drink is shared with its sister flavors, which are Baja flash and the Baja punch.

Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja Blast was first launched in the year 2004 and in August, this drink was exclusively being launched at the locations of taco bell in America. For the first time, a beverage company and a restaurant of fast food created a proprietary beverage. This drink was specially made to taste good with their Mexican food. This drink was a very big hit among the consumers of taco bell and the mountain dew fans. This popularity resulted in the retail release of the drink in the form of cans and bottles in the year 2014. And then, in the year 2019, the Baja blast variant of birthday freeze was released for a limited period in the year 2019.

Latest updates on Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja Blast.

The latest update on this mountain dew drink is that it is again getting back in the market in some of the selected places we will read further in this article. Another update about this drink is that this drink has been launched with around five percent alcohol in it.

This new mountain dew drink will offer the grown-ups an amazing way to dial-up their fun with the five percent alcohol in it. Now let us read about where we can find this new beverage of mountain dew.

Where To Get The Latest Baja Blast Mountain Dew?

The Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja Blast will be launched on Tuesday only at some selected places in America. After that, it will be launched in three different locations at select retailers in Iowa, Florida, and Tennessee. And after a few days, this drink’s availability will expand to more states later this year. And currently, this drink is not being released at the taco bell locations.


Today in this very article, we read about the mountain dew’s latest beverage, the Mountain Dew Hard Seltzer Baja BlastAlong with this, we have also read about the latest updates and availability of this new beverage. Read here to know about the history of mountain dew.  

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