Why Turkey Is the Most Prefered Destination for Hair Transplant

Turkey Is the Most Prefered Destination for Hair Transplant

Most Prefered Destination for Hair Transplant: A hair transplant is a proper method to forget about your baldness and make your hair grow again in a natural way. 1M+ medical tourists rush to Turkey annually to improve their health and make their appearance more attractive. In 2023, the Turkish medical sector expects to get 2M medical patients from around the world. Turkish specialists have a high level of experience and patients’ trust. They perform the most challenging procedures perfectly, and hair transplant in Turkey is one of the most popular. The interest in this procedure continues to increase because people hear positive feedback, check before-and-after photos of other patients, and dream of achieving the same results for a reasonable price. 

Turkey is considered one of the top destinations for hair transplantation procedures worldwide — 600+ patients get new hair daily. However, how can a patient choose a Turkish doctor with enough experience? Most medical tourists refer to medical portals such as Bookimed. It provides free medical services for international seekers. You can check prices and top-rated Turkish hair transplant clinics on the Bookimed site. They are licensed and properly certified in order to serve international patients. 

Get a Hair Transplant Cheaper

Doing hair transplants in Turkey has a substantial advantage which is an affordable price. In most clinics, you will find prices cheaper, up to 70% compared to the UK and the USA.

  • Turkey: $2,000
  • The USA: $9,500
  • The UK: $20,000

Why should you pay more if the quality is the same or even higher? You will easily find your all-inclusive offer for an attractive price among Turkish clinics. Every clinic has its own price policy, doctors’ recognition, and experience. Additional services may also influence the final price. It is easier to send your request to Bookimed and get a detailed consultation. Your medical coordinator will recommend the most suitable option according to your budget.

Why Do US and EU Clinics Charge Patients More Than Turkish Ones?

To find the answer, you should refer to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which does in-depth research on prices for medical services globally. The higher the index means the higher cost of medical services in a certain country due to the national economy, employment market, salary scale, and costs of living. According to their data, Turkey has one of the lowest indexes of 41, while the European Union has a 91 index, and the USA has one of the highest indexes — 115. Turkey is a top-notch choice for providing top-quality hair transplantation services at a reasonable price.

The Hair Transplantation Process Overview

A hair surgeon extracts mechanically/manually hair grafts from a patient’s donor area. It is essential to know that grafts have the same blood supply channel and a sebaceous gland, which is the key to a successful hair implantation outcome. In most cases, the entire process lasts around 8 hours, according to the prescribed method. Your doctor will perform the surgery under local anesthesia, so you should not be afraid of pain or any sort of discomfort. The awaited result can be seen in around 4 months. A patient’s hair follicles start taking roots individually. The next step is when your transplanted hair starts falling out, letting new hair grow in a natural way. Starting from this moment, you can forget about your hairless zones. The success rate in Turkish clinics reaches 99%. 

Where To Find the Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

The most popular clinics for hair transplants are located in big Turkish cities, such as Istanbul, Bursa, Antalya, and İzmir. It goes without saying that Istanbul receives the most considerable flow of medical tourists. Millions of men and women trust their beauty to Turkish surgeons as they know such experienced specialists can perform absolute miracles. Istanbul is known as the cultural and medical capital, which receives a vast flow of international patients. It motivates Turkish doctors to master the English language and speak fluently with their patients. Note: when the Bookimed team arranges the trip, you will get language assistance and transfer.

Start Arranging Your Treatment via Bookimed

Bookimed is a Ukrainian medical tourism platform that has gained trust globally. 8,000+ patients send online requests at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/ monthly, asking for information and assistance with trip arrangements. See how you can benefit from the free service:

  1. Enormous choice of Turkish clinics, so you can choose the most suitable and affordable option for your needs.
  2. Customer support is available 24/7. The specialists are ready to find a doctor/ clinic, arrange a program according to your budget, and provide answers to arising questions during the preparation or trip itself.
  3. Patients’ guidance helps a lot to save time and reduce the level of stress during medical treatment. You can get in contact with your medical coordinator via phone/chat. 
  4. Free medical services will make your experience with Bookimed above your expectations. 

Final Thoughts

In most cases, genetics is responsible for boldness. So, you can’t go against it unless you decide to take the situation into your hands and find the right specialist. Give yourself the pleasure of looking beautiful and attractive. After viewing the first visible results of the hair transplant surgery, you will feel much younger and happier. You deserve it.

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