Moses Wright Emmett Till {Jan} Read Incident They Faced

This article on Moses Wright Emmett Till shows the bravery of Moses and his struggle for justice for his nephew.

History is proof of many incidents that took place earlier and left many people in a dilemma. One such case of Moses Wright in the United States has been the center of attraction for many people since that era.

Moses Wright Emmett Till will be our today’s center of attention so that people in the 21st century will come to know everything about this incident of the 20th century. So, if you are interested in this, please follow our page till the end.

Life of Moses

Moses was a common man involved in one of the bravest acts of history during the civil rights movement. He lived with Elizabeth in a small three-room house surrounded by trees. Their house was located on a lonely road which was a town near the Mississippi Delta and the cultivation of cotton. He even claimed that the Preacher there was a minister and a sharecropper.

Moses Wright Emmett Till

In this section, we will discuss everything about the kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till. You will find how helpless Moses and his wife were.

  • Hosting the relatives: It was a good summertime of 1955 when two teenage nephews of Moses from Chicago came to their place. Wheeler Parker, a 16-year-old kid and Emmett Till, a young kid of 14 years, came to Wright’s home.
  • The kidnapping of Emmett Till: An unforgettable day for Wright’s family came after one week of hosting their sweet relatives. It was August 28, when two white men, Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam suddenly came to their house at around 2:30 a.m. They forcefully started searching for Emmett even when Moses resisted. As per our research on Moses Wright Emmett Till, they pleaded with them to forgive him, but the two devils frightened them and took Emmett with them.

Search for Till

Wright and his wife were in great worry and informed Emmett’s mother that his younger child was missing. They informed the local Sheriff. The search for Till was started, and the Sheriff looked all around the town in the local bridges. The situation was so critical that many hungry wolves waited for such incidents to happen, explained Moses. Emmett’s dead body was found near the Tallahatchie River. His body was found in a critical condition, as per the reports on Moses Wright Emmett Till. A gin fan was tied with a barbed wire around his neck.

Leaving the North

After both the culprits were arrested, Elizabeth left that place. Moses never lost his hope and stood against this cruel act of Bryant and Milam. He felt his blood boiling against thousands of white people and their cruelty against them. Moses also left the place and went to Chicago. And he returned in November for the grand hearing of both the culprits. They refused the return of an indictment. And he left the place and never returned.


Wrapping up our content on Moses Wright Emmett Till, we learned a lot of things about Moses and his bravery. He stood all alone against the two culprits. He was a brave soul, and everyone remembers his bravery. You can see more details on Moses Wright Bravery act on this page.   

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