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Gunshot incidents are rapidly rising on the school premises. Morris Jeff High School Reviews is a post about another heart-breaking violent act.

Do you have information about the latest incident at Morris Jeff School? Another shooting incident in the United States happened at the end day of May. It was a graduation ceremony, and suddenly celebration turned into grief, chaos, and an undisturbed environment.

It seems people are safe nowhere, neither in public places nor in restaurants, parks, and even in schools. Let us get insight into what happened yesterday in the Morris Jeff High School Reviews post.

School Reviews:

It is a public school in New Orleans with 877 students in total. It has overall 3.2 rating on various sources. The student population is 45% female and 55% male. It ranked #343 in Louisiana Elementary Schools and #287 in middle schools.

What happened in the school?

Morris Jeff School is known for the kind of education they provide to build students’ growth. However, it seems students are not up to the mark. The incident that happened yesterday, where one student started gunfire in an argument in a school’s parking lot.

The conversation between two students turned into a fight, and then the life of an old lady aged 80 years lost in the Morris Jeff High School incident. Moreover, two young men were also injured in the incident at the school.

More detailed news:

May 31 was the graduation ceremony for Morris Jeff School students. It was a day to cherish, a day to remember for good, a day to celebrate.

Is there any reason to bring a gun to such an event? No, but one student did and started gunfire which took the life of a grandmother who came to see her youngest grandson graduating. The argument started in a parking lot between two students who started fighting over a small matter and ultimately turned into a violent act.

What is the response from the Morris Jeff Community School head?

The Head of the school said it is a horrific tragedy, but we will help each other heal. He also added that we teach our children peace and not conflict and to be respectful toward one another. Because they learn to perceive one other as equal human beings, our graduates will make a difference in the world. After today’s bloodshed, this commitment has simply become stronger.

Augustine Greenwood, an 80 years’ lady who was the mother of six children and 15 greatgrandchild is no more, said Roberta Harris on the Morris Jeff High School Reviews. She urged people to stop violence and pray to the Lord for mercy on two ladies who began fighting and of which her mother is no more.


Two wounded men were taken to the hospital where one got an injury in his leg and the other on his shoulder and is out of danger. No arrest has been made till now, but students provoking the incident have been detained. Investigation of the incident is ongoing. You can read reviews about rankings, students, academics, etc., of Morris Jeff School here. 

What are your thoughts on Morris Jeff High School Reviews of the gunshot incident? Comment and tell in the box below your views on increasing gunfire incidents. 

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