Moroen Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?

Are you digging for authentic Moroen Reviews to be alert from online fraud? If you are interested in extracting more information, kindly read this post.

Have you discovered a clothing site with several facilities and positive customer reviews? Looking to buy items from the portal, but first, check this write-up to understand about website’s legitimacy.

Online scams are conducted globally, including in the United States, Brazil by scammers. Besides, daily a new website is emerging, of which most of them are suspicious and are in greed of capital. So, in this post, we will introduce you to an e-store offering good concessions on items. 

Also, we will consider the Moroen Reviews to wind up its originality. 

Addressing The Portal is an online shopping portal featuring clothing products for women, including:

  • Sweaters
  • Casual dresses 
  • Tops 
  • Hoodies 
  • Coats

As per their opinion, they were launched as a manufacturer and a supplier for different well-known brands. But, now, they have come forward independently to deliver low-cost, high-quality clothing items. Also, they have quoted that they provide a platform to sell products of small businesses to promote them. 

Some Of Its Salient Details 

  • After approval, will process your refund within 7 days. 
  • The Moroen Reviews stated that clothing items like sweatshirts, dresses, etc., for women are listed in this portal. 
  • You can connect with them via the email address
  • The website has no newsletter facility, creating suspicion.
  • Within 7 days of returning the product, they will arrange an exchange process. However, they offer a 30 days exchange policy. 
  • The online site’s URL is
  • The social icons are present. 
  • MasterCard, VISA, PayPal are some of the payment modes available. 
  • The domain is only five months old and was enrolled on 12-08-2021.
  • According to the latest Moroen Reviews, the contact number is not seen.
  • You can return the parcel within 30 days.
  • The website updates you accordingly after shipping items for delivery time.  
  • The store’s address is undetected. 
  • The shipping will be done within 35 working days. 

Why Believe This Site?

  • The mailing address is given.
  • They serve a free shipping feature over $79 purchase.
  • On Trustpilot and, many positive users’ feedback is quoted. 

How Is The Website Faulty?

  • The site hasn’t gained any Alexa rank.
  • A 1% bad trust score is gathered.
  • The Moroen Reviews showed that the phone number and office address are lacking. 
  • The Instagram link is broken.
  • On Facebook, not many reliable reviews are accumulated. 
  • 39.9/100 trust rank value is found. 

Is A Fake Website?

  • Alexa Rank- The corresponding value is lacking. 
  • Founder’s Information- No holders’ name is seen.
  • Portal’s Expiry Date- The portal’s suspension date is 12-08-2022.
  • Trust Score- A very defective value is noticed. 
  • Shopper’s Comment- The opinions available on and Trustpilot are positive, but the feedback of Facebook doesn’t seem trustworthy. 
  • Trust Rank- According to the Moroen Reviews, the trust rank value is unreliable. 
  • Domain Age- 12-08-2021 is the creation date stating that it is only five months old. 
  • Duplicity Percentage- The website’s content is copied greatly. 
  • Policies Detected- The policies information is cited properly. 
  • Discounts Offered- The rebates seen are too good to be true. 
  • Social Links- On the portal, the social icons are available. But only the Facebook icon is working. 

By summing up only the reviews, the website is good. But its crucial details, including the broken Instagram link, have put a red flag for it. 

Clients’ Moroen Reviews

A couple of reviews have been gained on the Trustpilot, where the portal has gained a 4.0 rating. Furthermore, over Trustpilot, some consumers have reported that they are satisfied and pleased with their products and overall service. 

But a user has also commented that the delivered clothes are not of the same size as requested, implying the issues in the firm’s management. Besides, on Facebook, the users liked the product; but none has posted its quality, etc. On the official page, most customers have posted positive reviews. Visit here to learn about the PayPal scams

The Concluding Remarks 

The Moroen Reviews have expressed the knowledge about a site selling women’s clothes. Moreover, this e-store has gained a trustworthy rating on Trustpilot; but the absence of reviews on Facebook and invalid Instagram links has degraded the site. 

Also, the low trust score and rank have alerted online users to scams. Thus, stay cautious from the site despite gaining good public reactions in Trustpilot. It is suggested to go through all the reviews available. Learn here about credit card scams

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4 thoughts on “Moroen Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?”

    • Hello Barb Blount, it is good you checked for it. It can be advisable to wait and check if someone drops any reviews as it is a new portal. Be careful. Please drop the update. Take care. Thanks & regards.

    • I just put a review on TrustPilot. I ordered four tops from Moroen on January 24th, 2022. I contacted them after four weeks and was told they were working on my order, but didn’t have all my items. They would ship the two they had if I wanted. I said to wait for all. I contacted them again in early March and was told my order had shipped, but no shipping or tracking info was given. I am growing more skeptical as time passes, but they answer every query I have sent within 24 hours. Finally, today, March 14th, I have received all four tops I ordered and paid for. They are exactly what I ordered and I am very happy with them. I ordered XL and perhaps they run a little bit small. But, all in all, they were responsive to my inquiries about my order. It just takes a long time to get your order.


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