5 Ways to Make Morning Riding Easier


Getting up early in the morning and taking a ride right after before you head into the day’s adventure can sound easy in writing. It can be a horrible chore for many, especially if you are not a morning person. Setting time aside to take care of yourself in the morning can lead to an overall boost in creativity and productivity throughout the day. So is there hope for you if you are not a morning person? 

Okay. You must understand first that you are not a “morning person” because you choose to be. This basically means except if it is due to some clinical condition that requires professional treatment or surgery, you are not a morning person because of your decisions and actions. By reviewing many of your choices, you can begin enjoying the morning once more. Below are some tips to get you started.

Ways To Make Morning Rides Easier

  • Plan Before All Rides

If you desire to enjoy what you intend to do, you should put some plans in place. This applies to the morning rides you intend to enjoy on your e-bike before heading out for business. Ensure to make plans for everything about your trip. Have an idea of the weather forecast every night before going to sleep. This will help you know what to expect the next day. It will also determine how prepared you should be for the cold. 

You should pick out the clothes most suitable for the expected weather conditions. All other gear should be packed the night before as well, including your helmet. Check your e-bike every night and try to clean it thoroughly, ensuring all parts are carefully tended to in the process. You may not need to do this often if you mainly ride on asphalt and avoid trails. Planning your route will also ensure greater success on morning rides. 

  • Go To Bed Early

Going to bed early is a core requirement of waking up early. What sleeping early does is ensure greater chances of you getting enough sleep with time to spare for your morning rituals when you wake up. Look for ways to improve your chances of getting sleep. You can do some workouts and take a warm shower. Alternatively, you can lie in bed and blink rapidly for a minute. 

Most times, the reason you can’t go to bed early is due to inadequate planning. Plan to accomplish your daily tasks before the night is over. Draw out another for your evening plans. Whatever hangout you want to embark on with friends should not be in the way of your plans for the next day. Plan your time, try to follow it, and wrap up your engagements. 6 to 8 hours of sleep should have you feeling refreshed for the day ahead. 

  • Have Coffee On Standby

Not everybody needs coffee. Some people are good at stimulating themselves mentally to focus on the day immediately after they are awake. Others need a little inspiration. If you know waking up is not enough to keep you awake, try to include coffee in your plans for your early morning ride the next day. Look for a way the night before to make sure your coffee pot is ready to do you a solid when you wake up. 

Using coffee as an early morning stimulant will leave you unable to go back to sleep and with no option but to focus on the things necessary to make your trip a success. You can prepare the coffee before going to bed and keep it in your fridge if you prefer a cold drink. Prepare other drinks apart from coffee to stay hydrated on your ride. You can prepare a few drinks with electrolytes to keep your body prime as you ride. 

  • Avoid Early Morning Social Media

Social media in the morning is a trap you should avoid. It can have you lost in the world of other people’s morning adventures while ignoring your own. If you can do the harder part by rousing yourself successfully from sleep, it will be a shame to put it to ruin by spending useful time on social media. Your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all will only suck you in and provide satisfaction to distract you from exercising. 

It is ideal to begin preparing to head out immediately after you’re awake to lessen your chances of distraction from your goal. If you want to spend time doing something before you go out riding, you can make yourself a smoothie and pack your gear to get going. Additionally, you can hydrate yourself and do some stretching exercises to warm up your body for the ride ahead. Know that your social media can wait for your attention. 

  • Plan To Join A Friend/Group

Although you can only count on yourself to see it through, planning to meet up with a riding friend or a group is a way to ensure you don’t miss out on your morning rides. The problem here is that by making plans together, you become committed and your strength of character will be at stake when you make a habit of breaking your commitments. Planning with a close friend will also keep you motivated since you get to have fun together. 

Fun is the most important thing to look forward to on your morning ride. If riding with a friend will keep it fun enough to retain your interest, then you should go along with it. Look for a riding group around you if you prefer to ride with more than one person or to keep your energy level up. In short, you will find it easier and more convenient to embark on if you make a plan for your next early morning ride.

In Conclusion

All in all, the morning is one of the best times of the day to enjoy a ride as it can help to retain a feeling of calmness and productivity throughout the day. You get to enjoy the beautiful morning views of your city if you are doing it right. Doing it right requires you to do so with an electric bike perfect for commuting. 

The electric commuter bike KBO Breeze is perfect for your early morning rides through the city. It comes equipped with a battery of 768Wh capacity, which can provide up to 55 miles of commute on a single full charge, and is rated for 900 complete charge cycles. With its powerful peak 750W brushless geared hub motor, you can conquer any terrain you encounter and enjoy your energizing morning rides. 

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