Monsta Infinity NFT (Oct 2021) A Play To Earn Game!

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This article offers details on Monsta Infinity NFT and all the relevant information.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid and receive rewards for playing video games online? That’s where NFT games come in, which are gaining a lot of popularity with the success of cryptocurrencies. 

Monsta Infinite is another new NFT game that’s attracting a lot of users. Please note that users are searching for this game with the title “Monsta Infinity,” but the game is titled “Monsta Infinite.” Queries about this game have made Monsta Infinity NFT trending.

Users in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and the Philippines are keen to know more about this game. We’ll mention all the crucial details in this article, so keep reading.

What is Monsta Infinite?

Monsta Infinite is an NFT game, specifically a card game. The game distinguishes itself from other card games in its approach, combining turn-based gaming methods with a puzzle system. 

In the game, users have to create their team of three Monstas who’ll fight against the Jilaka and be rewarded for the same. Every effort has been made to make the game more fun, exciting and enjoyable.

The Creators Behind Monsta Infinity NFT

  • A project like an NFT game requires a lot of effort from the developers and creators.
  • Monsta Infinite has a dedicated team of close to twelve people working around the clock to ensure its smooth operation.
  • Most of the individuals behind this project come from either a technical or gaming background
  • All of them are united by the desire to achieve something great and serve the community.
  • Most of the team is based out of Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Sources reveal that its CEO is Jin Tan, and HK Chong as its CTO.

The Working of Monsta Infinity NFT

  • The working of this game is quite similar to other popular NFT games, with some minor subtle changes.
  • Players have to create a team of three unique Monstas, which an NFT represents.
  • The gameplay is like a turn-based battle card game where they match their Monstas to fight against the enemies.
  • Players have to play their cards strategically to get the upper hand in the game. 
  • The game has an open-world structure similar to other games, and players can collect resources and other items.
  • Designing is also an available option in this game.
  • In Monsta Infinity NFT, players are also rewarded handsomely for performing well in the game.
  • The game is expected to continue the wave of success of NFT games.
  • Read more about Monsta Infinite here

The Final Verdict         

Monsta Infinite is a relatively new NFT game that’s gaining some traction and user interest. We have mentioned all the relevant details about this game above, including its work and origins. 

Do you enjoy playing NFT games? If yes, what’s your favorite NFT game? Do you think the Monsta Infinite game will be successful? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions on the Monsta Infinity NFT game in the comments.

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