Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus (June) Is The Product Legit?

Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus (June) Is The Product Legit? >> Read the detailed specifications about this microcontroller that can help you to ensure the safety of your computer system and all the data that you have stored.

Does your work mainly depend on a computer system? Then it must require you to store a lot of important data in the computer system. If this is the case, then you need a good quality TPM for your system.

Asus, a popular brand in the countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and the United States, has brought Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus.

What Is TPM?

The full form of TPM is the Trusted Platform Module. This is a chip for computer systems that enables your system to store data securely through integrated cryptographic keys. TPM also helps to authenticate a system by the unique and secret Endorsement Key that is burned in it at the time of its production.

Asus is a well-known multinational company of hardware and electronics. This company is headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan. It was founded on 2nd April of 1989. The company also has some subsidiaries. The company’s several products also include this Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus.

Product Specification

  • Get your TPM here:
  • Brand: Asus
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Product Model: TPM-M R2.0
  • Dimension of product: 10.8 x 7.62 x 0.64 cm
  • Weight of the Product: 14.2 grams
  • Product Launch Date: 5th December 2016
  • Price: The retail price of this product is $11.99
  • Warranty: A warranty of three years is available with the product
  • Social Media Presence: The Company is very active on social media platforms
  • Popularity: The Company’s official pages on Instagram and Facebook have 2.6 million and followers respectively, which shows that the brand is very popular.
  • Reviews for Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus: The product has mixed reviews on Amazon
  • Compatible for: 14-1 pin motherboard headers
  • Marketing: We could not find any elaborate marketing for the product on behalf of the company


  • It increases the overall security of computer
  • Belongs to a popular brand
  • Three years warranty is available
  • The price for the product is reasonable


  • Only compatible with 14-1 pin motherboard headers
  • Need installation into the system. So, it is better to take help from a professional if you are not very efficient with hardware.

Is Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus Legit To Use?

If a computer system is your main tool to work, you should take care of it more than anything else. It should be properly protected from both damages and cybercrime. TPM is a great way to do the same, only if it is chosen carefully.

  • Brand Name: Asus
  • Brand Age: 26 years ago
  • Domain Registration: 25-10-1995
  • Trust Index: 99%
  • Warranty of the Product: A warranty of three years is provided by the company
  • Popularity: The brand is a very well-known one.
  • Contact Details: All the contact details of the company can be found
  • Reviews: Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus has obtained mixed reviews about itself
  • Social Media Accounts: The Company’s social media accounts are very popular
  • Marketing Activity: The product lacks marketing activities

The brand’s reputation and excellent trust score show that the product and the brand both are trustworthy.

Customers’ Reviews

If we search intently on the internet, we can see that the product’s reviews are of a mixed kind. The brand’s official page on Facebook shows no option for reviews. So, no reviews are seen there.

After looking further, we found some reliable reviews on Amazon. The product’s overall ranking on Amazon is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. As far as the Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus reviews are concerned, there is enough on Amazon to give us a glimpse of the buyers’ opinion of the product.

Some people have given it a very bad review as they have experienced problems while installing the products. A few people are also not satisfied with the product’s quality. But on the other hand, quite a few people have also remarked about the product as excellent. Customers can have more reviews here for Module Tpm 

Final Thought

The product’s brand is very well-known. It has set its foot firmly in the market with a positive reputation and a brilliant trust score for itself over a long period.

On the basis of all the available details, it can be said that Module Tpm-m R2.0 Asus can be bought only after checking the specifications and the legitimacy of the product.  

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