Modernly Shop Reviews (March) Is This A Scam Platform?

Are you searching for an online platform to buy jewelry? We hope that the Modernly Shop Reviews will help you in finding the website’s legitimacy.

Hello, folks. Are you looking forward to today’s article? Do you want to know what it is about? So, guys, first let us know – do you like wearing jewelry and always search online websites to find a perfect place to shop? So, today’s discussion is about an online jewelry shop.

This Online Shop is known as Modernly Shop, which deals in various jewelry items. This website has also got quite popular recently, and many people from the United States are taking an interest in it. So, today we will give a review on this website. We will primarily discuss legitimacy to provide the correct information about whether it is safe to shop from this site.

So, with the help of our Modernly Shop Reviews, you will have a better knowledge of this website.

What Is Modernly Shop?

Modernly Shop is an online store founded on 2021/10/24, which offers jewelry. They offer varieties of jewelry like Ring collection, Necklace collection, Bracelet collections etc. They also offer platinum collections. This company has mentioned that their brand offers various products and provides excellent customer service. But this website hasn’t provided any information regarding their founder identity.

Next, we will discuss the features of this website, which will be a starting point to know Is Modernly Shop Legit.

Features of Modernly Shop             

  • Domain Link- Shop at
  • Website Establishment Date- The website is very recent and was created on 2021/10/24.
  • Mode of Payment- Their payment method options are Amex, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, etc.
  • Products Offered- Rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  • Return and Refund Policy- This website has a 14-day return policy and does not mention refund timing.
  • Physical Address- not found.
  • Shipping Timing- The processing time takes 1-7 business days, and the delivery time ranges between 1-4 weeks.
  • Email Address- connect to
  • Social Media Connections – no social media account found.
  • Newsletter-
  • Exchange Policy-
  • Contact Number – contact at 8004017041

Now, you have a rough idea about the Modernly Shop. So, next, we will discuss the merits and demerits of this site. So, keep on reading our Modernly Shop Reviews.

Listing The Merits of Modernly Shop

  • The Email Id and Contact Number are provided.
  • The domain is protected through HTTPS protocol.
  • A newsletter is available on the website.

Listing The Demerits of Modernly Shop

  • It has no social media presence.
  • Trust score and trust rank are below average.
  • There is no availability of the Alexa ranking.
  • The website was created just a few months ago.
  • The domain has short life expectancy.
  • No customer reviews have been published until now.

Is Modernly Shop Legit Or Fake?

Now we will know whether this is an eligible website or not. And, below we will discuss those criteria to note down or keep in mind. The below points are essential while judging a site’s legitimacy. So, they are as follows:

  • Trust Score- Trust score is only 1% and very poor.
  • Trust Rank- Trust Rank is also very low, only 4.5%.
  • Website Creation Date- The website was formed on 2021/10/24, less than 6 months.
  • Website Expiration Date- The website will expire on 2022/10/24, which means it has short life expectancy, considering the Modernly Shop Reviews.
  • Owner’s Information- No information available about their owner.
  • Policies- Policies are quite understandable.
  • Content Quality- Their Return and Refund policy content is 80% plagiarized.
  • Discounts- No discounts given on their products.
  • Address Authentication- Address is not mentioned on the website.
  • Alexa Score- This website hasn’t secured an Alexa ranking.
  • Social Media- No account found.
  • Customer Reviews- Not even a single customer review was found over the web.

Customers’ Modernly Shop Reviews

Before we confirm the validity of this website, we need to check the essential part, which is the customer reviews. So, after searching everywhere in every trusted and genuine source, we didn’t come across a single customer review of the Modernly Shop. But we have found a single evaluation done on this website. But no customer reviews have been published until now.

So, guys, if you are eager to know how to get a refund via PayPal, check-in our Modernly Shop Reviews.

Also, if you have any queries, post your comments in the box below.

The Bottom Line

So, as we know that the Modernly Shop is an online store that deals in jewelry, starting from rings to bracelets and other jewelry items . And from what we have discussed earlier, we know this website is very young and it is also not a known website.

Also, this website is not active over any social media platform. But here, the main factor that grabs attention is that there are no reviews of this website. We have found only an evaluation done on this website. So, judging by these points, this website seems suspicious. So, it would be best if you were careful.

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