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Read Regarding Mod Rasazy Fnf downloading information along with the introduction and description of the character named Rasazy.

Hey guys! Are you among those players who love playing a game named Friday night Funkin? Well, you might be, and due to this reason, you came across this post. As the game has its popularity in many foreign countries, including the United States, the gaming community makes different good changes often to give a better experience while playing the game.

The game holds different characters having different features and functions, and one of the female characters’ names is Rasazy. So this article talks about Mod Rasazy Fnf downloading details and particularly about the Rasazy character too.

Who Is Rasazy?

Rasazy is the major female character in the game of Friday night funkin’. She is a calm girl and talks softly. Though not enough is known regarding her personality, it’s stated on a few platforms that she never likes Selever cursing. This is because she finds this unwholesome, and when he curses, she punches him quite hard.

She is fourteen years old girl who has a brother named Selever. Her brother is very kind, tries his best to keep her happy. Now to get knowledge about Mod Rasazy Fnf, scroll further.

Character Description 

  • Relatives: Ruv (father), Sarv(mother), Selever(brother)
  • Gender: female 
  • Eye color: White
  • Appears in: Friday Night Funkin’
  • Debut: Friday Night funkin logic: Mid-fight Masses

Appearance Of Rasazy 

Rasazy greyish white hair and has eyes of white color. She carries a black horn and wears a grey jacket with a dark brown color skirt and jacket of light blue color straps. In addition, she wears black color shoes and socks with a ribbon over them. Her hair is very long and always has a black band on them.

How To Download Mod Rasazy Fnf?

This mod is available in the google play store. The application has its name as of Friday Funny FNF Rasazy Mod Test. One can install this on a mobile phone or computer easily.

This mod gives a lot of fun once installed and used in the game. You will experience fun as it has an improved version of funkin music while playing.

The game allows players to test the Rasazy character, and players can generate dance during the battle and enjoy hearing party music installing Mod Rasazy Fnf

One can easily make different effects in sounds via different operations.

What Are Reviews Given To This Mod?

To check if this application is really useful and worthy of installing, we are happy to reveal that the mod has got a 4.0-star rating over the play store with a total of seven hundred and six users reviews. 

The comment presents out there is indeed positive ones. So it appears people like this Mod after the Download Friday Funny FNF Mod Test


This post uncovers about the Mod Rasazy Fnf and from where one can get this Mod easily. Additionally, we also cited the users’ responses after using this mod.

Furthermore, the post provides a brief description of the character Rasazy too.

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