Moba Legends.siti (Aug) Have You Got Free Diamonds?

Moba Legends.siti (Aug) Have You Got Free Diamonds? >> This post will discuss the truth about a platform that claims to generate diamonds and coins in a game for free.

Are you a Freefire player and want to get full advantage of the game? If yes, then this post is for you. 

Freefire has been one of the most popular games Worldwide. To play Freefire to its full potential, we all need different new things in the game, and to get those things, we have to purchase coins and diamonds in the game.

The platform that generates free coins and diamonds is called, but most users search for Moba Legends.siti. Let’s discuss more this platform further in this post.

What is 

Not everyone wants to buy diamonds and coins in exchange for real money, and to ignore paying real money for diamonds and coins; you can use this platform to generate diamonds for free. It claims to be a free coin and diamond generator for Freefire players. 

This platform does not offer any hack ways to get the reward. You have to fill in some details about your Freefire account to identify your account, and you will get your desired reward very easily for free. 

The overview of Moba Legends.siti is quite simple, and you can also see a live traffic feed below your screen on the platform.

How to Get Free Diamonds and Coins from this Platform?

There is a 5-step process to get the reward you want from this platform. You can follow along these steps to get our reward:

  • Go to the website of this platform and fill in your username and device.
  • Select the server from which you want to generate your reward.
  • Select the number of diamonds and coins you want to generate.
  • Just click on generate and complete the given tasks.
  • Done, you have to wait for the reward to get transferred to your account.

Is Moba Legends.siti Legit or a Scam? 

Let’s look at some of the factors that describe the legitimacy of this platform:

  • Trust Index – The trust index of this platform is 60% which does not guarantee its legitimacy. 
  • HTTPS Connection – It has a secured HTTPS connection.
  • Domain Age – The domain age of this platform is only 16 days which means it is created on 29 May 2021. 
  • Popularity – The popularity of the platform is also very low.
  • The live charts available in this Moba Legends.siti also seems to use some bot and is fake. 

Therefore, this platform looks questionable as of now, and you should avoid using this platform.

Final Verdict 

At last, we will advise that instead of using free tools to generate diamonds and endangering your security, you should purchase from its official platform, which will be more secure.

Have you ever used free diamond and coins generating platforms for Freefire? Please tell us about your experience in the comments section below. Also, please do share this Moba Legends.siti to inform others about this resource generator in a game. 

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