Mitchellor Reviews (July) Is The Online Portal Legit?

Are you wondering whether is a safe platform for buying? Then you should study this Mitchellor Reviews post for more updates. 

Do you want budget-friendly lighting items and kitchen appliances? Have you ever checked whether is legitimate or not? By studying the understated paragraphs, please solve your queries about this site. 

Trust is a crucial tool that bonds every relationship. But, unfortunately, when it is damaged anyhow, it makes it hard to believe in it again. Similarly, when any website cons a buyer, they will ensure that other individuals should not get trapped. Thus, this article will mention the Mitchellor Reviews strings, primarily questioned by several United States shoppers. 

Illustrating The Website

According to the survey, is an online portal that auctioned door stickers, wedding card boxes, storage bags, etc. Moreover, this website declared they are a team of young, dedicated, visionary experts. In addition, we noticed a portal stating that its mission is to make the website an online service leader.

They continue declaring that they work hard to create the best and most innovative products that meet the requirements of their customers. Also, they mentioned that trust is the ultimate key factor in running their online business. Let us collect some important clues to find Is Mitchellor Legit in the following passage. 

Expressing Crucial Specifications 

  • We surveyed that is the website’s official URL. 
  • is the mail address we found on the website.
  • The telephone number remains missing on the portal. 
  • Customers can return the purchased item within 14 days after the receipt. 
  • Our investigation found that was created 3 months and 16 days back because we detected its creation date as 22-03-2022.
  • We found the organization’s name is HARIO TRADING CO., LIMITED.
  • They might credit the refund within 21 days. 
  • The icons of different social media are provided on the site. 
  • The Mitchellor Reviews elaborated that they take payments through credit cards and accept a Cash on delivery facility. 
  • We haven’t observed any exchange policy hints on this shopping site.  
  • This virtual shopping portal sells door stickers, some kitchen appliances, etc. 
  • The website has declared to consume 10 to 25 business days for express shipping. 
  • Our analysis detected that the company address is Wellington Way, Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom, KT13 0TT. 
  • According to their policy, delivery might take 10 to 25 days. 
  • We saw the newsletter presence.

Merits Discovered

  • The company and email addresses are provided. 
  • We spotted the social icons.
  • Our Mitchellor Reviews survey detected that the newsletter feature is available. 

Demerits Encountered

  • Trustpilot has no legit reviews.
  • A single negative comment is detected for this portal. 
  • The social icons are broken.

Is Mitchellor Dubious? 

  • Trust Score– The survey observed only a 1% value for this shopping portal. 
  • Discount Details– According to the research, this site offers extremely low-priced products that could act as a trap for innocent buyers. 
  • Trust Rank– Our research declared only a 14.7/100 value. 
  • Founder Information– We haven’t attained any close details from this website. 
  • Social Connections– The portal has inoperative social icons, building a doubt- Is Mitchellor Legit?
  • Portal Establishment Date– 22-03-2022 is the registration date of, mentioning that it is only 3 months and 16 days old. 
  • Address Originality– We haven’t determined any connection of the given address with this portal, raising many doubts. 
  • Clients’ Reviews– No Trustpilot reviews have been found during the scrutiny. Moreover, when we researched a popular reviewing site, we spotted a negative review. 
  • Alexa Rank– We haven’t grabbed any Alexa Rank value for this virtual site. 
  • Site Expiry Date– Based on our investigation, this portal will suspend on 22-03-2023. 
  • Policies– Amongst the other policies, the exchange policy details seem absent. 

What Are Honest Shoppers’ Mitchellor Reviews?

Upon researching, we haven’t disclosed any comments or ratings over Trustpilot that raised many questions against this portal. However, we found a user’s comment on a famous reviewing platform, saying that the portal exhibits many suspicious activities. 

For example, the user comments that the website continuously sends emails, even mailing them for newsletter unsubscription. So, we prefer you to do your research before investing in any website since they might fool you anytime during the buying process. Learn the crucial aspects of PayPal tricks here. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

In this post, we described the Mitchellor Reviews strings and realized that this portal is questionable. Moreover, we suggest you wait for more genuine comments to be available to decide further about buying. Read the essential hints on credit card scams here. 

Is this online shopping site a fraud? Kindly serve your recommendation below. 

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  1. Total scam do not shopp with this site unless you wanna get ripped off bigtime there a fucken joke and when I find who these people are I will probably goto jail for causing them bodily injury


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