Missed Call Text Message Scam {Aug} Know More Here!

Missed Call Text Message Scam {Aug} Know More Here! >> This article will explain you about the mobile phone scams happening around the world and aware you to be cautious about it.

Do you know some scams that appeared with a fake text message? Unfortunately, some guys are trapping people for easy money. Scammers have targeted the Australians through a phoney text message which says they have missed a call from a phone number. Also, it sends a link to direct the voice message sent by that phone number. According to this scam, they will get a text message which displays a mobile number. Many people got confused about this, and they are cautious about it. In Australia, this Missed Call Text Message Scam has appeared recently.

What are the Details About This Scam?

Australian peoples are mostly facing this problem. They are receiving false text messages saying they have missed a call, and certain persons have sent a voice message for you. These messages also have an URL. So they are asking to click on that URL which directs to the voice message. These messages are tricky, and if anyone clicks on that link, it might be a chance for the scammers to intrude trojans into those mobiles. Plenty of people doubt this message, and they were cautious about it. But some people are unaware of this Missed Call Text Message Scam.

What Will Happens If We Click on That Link?

These tricky messages are coming with an URL link. The statement says that this URL link will direct to the voice message. If anyone clicks on that link without knowledge, they will become victims by losing money and other valuable personal information. Or, if anyone tried to ring back the phone number given in the text message, they will lose money. So, people must need to aware of such scams happening around the world.

Public Reactions About the Missed Call Text Message Scam?

After scam has created a fuss, the world has learned about such scams. These types of scams will be called Wangiri Scams that means “one and cut”. In such scams, hackers will reach the people just once and then hung up. Some people do not even call but sends a text message saying they have missed a call. Some victims will see that they have a missed call from an international number. If anyone tries to call back, their mobiles become the open-source for the trojans, and as per Missed Call Text Message Scam, they have to pay premium charges for international calls. 

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Final Verdict:

In our research, we found lots of discussions about scam on the internet. Scammers are always trying to grab all the money from the customer’s mobiles as much as possible. So, people must need to aware of such scams. We warn you to be aware and be careful with such unknown responds. Never respond or give reply if you have any doubt it might be a Missed Call Text Message Scam. 

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