Mintelf Reviews (Aug) Is This Legit Or Another Scam?

Mintelf Reviews (Aug) Is This Legit Or Another Scam? >> Are you looking for an online portal that trades baseball equipment at a lower price? Then investigate more by scrolling through the article.

Are you a skateboard or a baseball lover? Do you buy the largest unmatched range of products at an unbelievably lower range? Then here we are to discuss the authenticity of such online sites.

The people within the United States often look for products from the world’s leading stores and are of higher quality. So with the help of this article, we will scrutinize a website named that will help our visitors conclude towards its genuineness.

Therefore, throughout the study on Mintelf Reviews, we will seek out this website in a little more depth with the help of its customer’s reviews and specifications. 

What is Mintelf?

The website has a wide range of sports products that will attract most baseball and skateboard lovers. Moreover, they claim that items they trade are of great quality, specially manufactured by product specialists. Now, we will check out some of its products to highlight its authenticity and check the fact Is Mintelf Legit?

  • Cruiser skateboards.
  • Golf.
  • Baseball bats.
  • Golf set and bags.
  • Beatles collection.
  • Pink FLOYD.

They claimed that they have collaborated with National Fulfilment Centre to deliver products within a short time. Also, they claim the products are of lower prices when compared to other online portals. 

Some Particulars of

  • The URL of this website is
  • offers products such as baseball bats, golf sets and skateboards.
  • Social media icons are present at the product description page but are invalid. 
  • Considering the Mintelf Reviews, information regarding valid email and contact addresses are not detected for this site. 
  • A particular office address is not provided, and hence no owner’s name has been detected.
  • Invalid information about refund and return policy has been disclosed as of now.
  • The preferred mode of payment that the site offers is PayPal. 
  • No such policies of exchanging products have been disclosed over the portal.
  • Considering the Mintelf Reviews, the website lacks detailed particulars regarding different policies. However, over the website, it is mentioned that they will carry the shipping cost after purchasing products. 
  • The website’s domain was created on 28-07-2021 and will expire on 28-07-2022.

What are the advantages of the site?

  • has included a huge range of products, including skateboard and baseball.
  • The newsletter option is available for the users.

What are the downsides of this site? 

  • No email and contact address is provided on the site, which casts doubt on Is Mintelf Legit?
  • A Trust rank of 39.1/100 and a trust score of 1% have been revealed.
  • Social media links available on the site are invalid, which creates suspicion. 

Is a Scam or Not?

  • Domain age: The website is only thirteen days old, which means it was created on 28-07-2021.
  • Review: No reviews are available regarding the site.
  • Policies included: Detailed information of return, refund, exchange are not cited on the site.
  • Owner’s information: Not available.
  • Trust rank and score: A low trust rank and trust score is detected for the site. 
  • Address authenticity: Absence of particular address.

Customers’ Mintelf Reviews

Upon investigating the site, no reviews have been detected over the Trust pilot that created suspicion amongst the users worldwide. Also, on the Internet, we haven’t got any reviews of

Moreover, no reviews have been detected on any social media platform such as Face book and Pinterest. Check here to know more if you have spotted anyone who have been trapped by PayPal scams. 


The post has involved numerous facts regarding and Mintelf Reviews to detect the site’s legitimacy, which sells products including golf equipment.

Due to the absence of a valid email and contact address, the website has gained negative feedback. Moreover, due to a low trust score and trust rank, many users have neglected this site. Also, being a newly formed website, the website has failed to gain popularity over social media platforms such as Facebook. Learn more by checking here if you spotted someone with credit card scams.

Therefore, if you are looking to avoid capital loss, then research precisely or wait for genuine reviews to arrive. Thus, it is too early to conclude its authenticity.  What do you think about this site? Write down your questions below in the comment section.

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