New Features for Microsoft Power Platform in 2022

About General Information Microsoft Power Platform

Most of us are familiar with many concepts that are related to Microsoft, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many others., which deal with the things that are very much needed in this modern world. The Power platforms make our work much simpler and which can be completed in a small amount of time. Also, the Power Apps are mostly used by people these days to complete any work within the given time. If you are interested in learning about these Power Apps, then you can join PowerApps Training to make your future fruitful.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a bunch of things that are provided by Microsoft in order to improve and construct difficult solutions for the business field, analyzing the problems, getting visualizations of data, automation for the business, or building communication in a virtual manner. But there is no code needed to construct these applications. Here, we can simply make complex applications that can be simply accessed by people. There are four important components present in the Microsoft Power Platform. They are:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents

It works on the basis of providing services that are very much needed for the business strategies for analyzing the data and for the automation of data that are present in the business.

New Features of Microsoft Power Platform in 2022

There are many features that will be introduced in this year 2022 in order to make much traffic to their Power Apps and to attract the people. Some of them are:

  • Receiving notifications of the Azure synapse link for Dataverse

It is an upcoming feature that will be added to the Microsoft power platform to make sure that the customers feel much happier by receiving the notifications, which are very much required. Here, customers can directly get the notifications, and there will be no need to open each and every page every time. It also helps the administrators who have access to use the Azure will be able to scan the data present in it and can easily divide the data into several parts. It helps users when there is any kind of data transfer, uploading of data in Azure, and many other features that are present in Azure help users to simply focus on their other work.

  • Analyzing incremental updates of our Dataverse data

It is also one of the upcoming features of the Microsoft Power platforms, which helps users to solve their queries and to analyze these incremental updates or Dataverse data within a specific time. We are familiar with the data which is used by many people these days, and the businesses are using the data in this Azure to use this data in a continuous manner. These conditions will be satisfied within the given time itself.

  • Dataverse results in Microsoft search

It is also an upcoming feature of the Microsoft Power platform, which is used to search for anything that you are searching for the present in this Microsoft platform. The customers who are using this Microsoft platform are able to search the results that they are looking for from the Dataverse in Microsoft 365, which includes Sharepoint, bing, and office. It deals with Dynamic 365 to help the customers who use Microsoft get a very good search experience to solve the business problems.

  • Microsoft Access migration to Microsoft Dataverse

It is also an upcoming feature of the Microsoft Power platforms, which is used for getting the Microsoft access users to migrate the data into the Microsoft Dataverse for providing very good security and other needs for providing data access for mobiles and others. It helps to migrate the data much faster and to automate the schema. It is also used for data analytics to make sure that the data gets analyzed in a proper manner.

  • Update flows to the modern Microsoft Dataverse Connector.

It is also an upcoming feature of the Microsoft Power platform, which can be used by its administrators of it, developers, marketing agents, data analysts, and others. It is used to make our work get completed, which shows fresh features, better performance and speed, and the efficiency of it will be increased in this Dataverse connector provided by Microsoft. Here, the flow checker helps you to get notifications to transfer that flow to the Microsoft Dataverse connector and Dynamic 365 connector to make sure that customer satisfaction is very important.

  • Updates for instant flows in canvas applications.

It is also an upcoming feature of this Microsoft Power platform which mostly focuses on the flows of the system instantly in the canvas applications. It is available only for administrators, developers, marketing agents, data analysts, and others. Here, some of the improvements will be made to the flows that are instantly produced in these canvas applications, which include many kinds of parameters related to flow and the details of its panel that makes it much easier to move difficult sets of data to a flow.

  • Customers are able to check the solution references from the flow details page.

It is also one of the upcoming features of the Microsoft Power platform, which is mostly helpful for the customers to see the solution references from the flow details page. If they are willing to improve some code program in it, then they can send an email to the Microsoft department so that they can accept it and improve that interface. Infact, it is very easy for the users to develop their own code because there is a chance to edit the code that the administrators have written.


In this article, we have seen the Microsoft Power platform and its upcoming features. It is very simple for the users to edit the code that is available in it, access migration, analyze the incremental updates, and many more. These features help to provide the best experience for the users of these Microsoft Power platforms.

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