Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM Integration Increases Efficiency Between Departments

Data integration technology is a crucial addition to the Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning suite of intelligent business applications. Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM integration helps businesses better organize and manage their data flow so they can increase efficiency and productivity. 

Companies such as RapidiOnline offer AX-CRM Integration so your business can streamline operations and efficiently network with clients. ERP-CRM automation provides stronger and more effective communication between separate departments and with customers. High quality data integration services offered by companies such as Rapidi are designed to deal with any size data transfer in a secure and prompt manner, guaranteeing heightened efficiency and increased productivity for users.

Microsoft Dynamics AX—The Basics

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a globally relevant ERP solution, and a well-known installment in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP product suite. Dynamics AX empowers a business to effectively organize and plan its customer outreach, reduce operational costs, and increase general productivity. Like most installments in the Dynamics line, AX is well-known for its security, global reach, and long term evolution as an ERP.

It’s built to handle all the necessary “behind the scenes” business operations, including supply chain monitoring, project management, finances, employee profiles, and more. Businesses who implement Dynamics AX (or any other ERP) may opt to complement the solution with a separate CRM such as Salesforce, built to streamline all customer-facing operations. When the two are fully synchronized, the result is a unified point of truth from which all team-members can work, plan, and make decisions.

Utilize Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM Integration for Effective Results 

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRMs available on the market today, and functions as a perfect complement to Dynamics AX; both are industry titans, well-known for reliability, functionality, and scalability. In a 2019 study conducted by Forrester Consulting on the effect of Salesforce, Forrestor concluded that sales win rate increased by 22%, qualified leads by 31%, and customer retention by 27%. These findings show that Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM integration harnesses the knowledge of each software and helps you remove redundancies while better reaching your clients. 

ERP-CRM integration helps build a centralized, comprehensive hub for a given company to effectively oversee operations, analyze data, and execute marketing strategies. Successful integration enables your company to identify and create an effective campaign, communicate clearly among team-members, and reach out to the appropriate customers, clients, and partners in the most effective manner. Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM integration suite is designed to adapt your enterprise to a changing world and ever-shifting and hypercompetitive market environment.

Build the Network You Need

Data integration is a vital tool for any growing businesses, and a must-have tool for any company that finds itself poised on the edge of growth. With quality AX-CRM integration, an organization can more effectively connect with and cater to present and future customers, as well as synchronize different branches of the company. 

Not only that, but integration is crucial for creating marketing strategies and planning customer interactions. Equipping management with a 360-degree view of customers and suppliers, quality data integration solutions help tailor your relationships with each, which means greater satisfaction for all parties involved. Ultimately, integration provides an effective way for your team-members to better foster a relationship with clients and partners.

At the same time, integration ensures that different departments all end up on the same page, information-wise. The resulting unified point of truth serves as a collective database of contact information, marketing plans, records, and potential business prospects. AX-CRM integration  reduces miscommunication and human error, and improves customer outreach, service, and overall satisfaction. 

ERP-CRM data integration is a cutting-edge solution to many of the data management problems plaguing businesses today. When implemented successfully, your integration solution will synthesize the production, finance, distribution, and human elements of your company, streamlining your organization’s daily procedures.

Integration improves employee productivity and is highly correlated with an increase in revenues, thanks to its ability to refine and optimize back-house operations; successful deployment removes redundancies and eliminates data siloing by creating a centralized database from which all team-members can work from. ERP-CRM integration solutions allow your company to centralize all of its processes into one point of communication, enabling real-time, accurate, and efficient data reporting in between separate branches of your company.

Why Rapidi’s Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM Integration is Right for You

Rapidi’s Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM integration provides an option for businesses looking to take the next step. By consolidating data using one cloud platform you’ll remove inefficient work time which can be better spent analyzing the data within those systems. Total integration provides you with a secure, easy to use, and low cost solution to managing multiple teams and databases. Rapidi offers clients an integration platform created by top industry experts, and constantly develops their software to align with the demands of dynamic and ever-shifting business landscapes. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX-CRM integration, your company can spend more time connecting with its clients and increasing revenue streams. 

Rapidi’s data integration solution comes with plug-in, “out of the box” templates for employees to utilize, granting accessibility for your team-members lacking programming backgrounds. Training and start-up time is minimal, and your business will be back on its feet and running better than ever in a matter of days. Why wait? Contact Rapidi today, and find out what the best in data integration technology can do for your bottom line. 

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