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Microclimate Mask Review {Oct 2021} Is It Scam Or Legit?

Microclimate Mask Online Product Review

Please read this article to learn detailed information about the Microclimate Mask Review and its features.

Are you looking for a futuristic mask? Do you love keeping with the newest trends? Do you know there is a mask, which is futuristic by design and features and is also protective? Then you have to check out the AIR2 X Microclimate mask.

The futuristic mask named AIR2 X Microclimate is currently available and shipping to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and has already started to turn heads due to its aeronautic design. Read along this Microclimate Mask Review to know everything about this mask and its usage.

What is the new Microclimate mask?

This mask has been recently launched. This mask has many new features that keep the person comfortable and safe with the outside germs and environment. The mask has a system of fans that traps the fresh air and keeps the mask clean and fresh. It has a unique method of filters that can clean 96% of 0.3 microparticles of the air. The mask is designed in such a way that it cleans both the approaching and departing air.

Microclimate Mask Review- What is unique about it? 

Microclimate launched the AIR2 X Microclimate mask in two variants: the AIR X Microclimate and AIR2 X Microclimate mask. Apart from having an aeronautical design, the microclimate masks also have various other futuristic and other specifications. The mask has been extensively tested as claimed by the company to provide comfort, look stylish, and help users with other facilities such as comfort sound and breathability with fresh and purified air.

The new microclimate masks are resistant to heavy impacts and can be washed and their filters replaced. Microclimate Mask Review also shows that the mask has some advanced specifications such as follows:

Specifications of the Microclimate Mask:

  • Brand: The AIR and AIR2 masks are from the company of Microclimate.
  • Unique Features: The AIR and the AIR2 masks come with four HEPA filters for advanced dust and pollutant filtration. The masks also have two three-speed fans behind the mask for air purification and comfort ventilation inside the mask. It has a cushioned neckline seal and eight hours of battery life.
  • Extra Features: The masks come with a long, almost six feet of USB type C charging cable for the batteries and have a live music listening experience.

Microclimate Mask Review- The pricing and pros and cons:

The AIR2 X Microclimate mask is priced towards the higher end at US$299 and can put pressure on your budget sessions. However, the company claims that the mask is worth every penny for its plethora of features and protection guarantee.

PROS of the Mask:

  • The mask is stunning in design with a dome-shaped cover.
  • The mask also has a very advanced pathogen filtration process through its four HEPA filters.
  • The comfort of breathing due to the fans is an edge to the mask.
  • The mask also enables music streaming while wearing it for fun.

CONS of the Mask:

  •  Microclimate Mask Review shows that the shipping time is up to eight weeks. 
  • The cost of the masks is also very high, which makes them less affordable to people.
  • The replacement parts of the mask are also very high, so it is a recurring investment.
  • There are no refunds available as the mask is treated as a personal use product.

Is the Product Legit?

  • The Microclimate masks are also available on other websites such as Amazon.
  • The customer reviews suggest that the product is from a genuine company.
  • The founder details and contact details for the product are available on the website.

Microclimate Mask Review– Review by the customers:

The customers of this mask are usually a particular group of people who belong to the somewhat upper side of the society as the masks are priced at US$299. However, some of the independent reviewers who have bought this mask have given two types of reviews. Firstly, some customers have found this mask futuristic and have enjoyed it because of the features and the design. In contrast, the second group has seen the mask as costly, ineffective, and a waste of money.


Therefore, as our final verdict, it will be wise to say that the mask is undoubtedly highly priced. Microclimate Mask Review gives us the picture that the mask is not very useful apart from its extra features, and there are cheaper options available. It would help if you kept an eye on them as these products are often pirated, and you need to know the legitimacy of the product

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