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Stanley Mickelsen Safeguard Complex (SRMSC) include numerous military structures. It was built near North Dakota, delivering support to United States Army to protect anti-ballistic Missile defense programs. This safeguard mission is to maintain the capacity and launch for a total of 30 LIM-49 anti-ballistic missiles and short-range sprints anti-ballistic missiles.

This area is selected to paradigm the protective barrier to cover the Minuteman launch facilities of the Missile at grand forks, Dakota. In terms of protecting ICBM launchers, the Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Website is permitted under the agreement.

About the SRMSC website

A former commanding general of Americas Air force, Stanley. R. Mickelsen has contributed to his service for many years. He receives praise from various countries army forces like CanadaUnited Kingdom, and India. Thus, the site is named upon his name; he was master in his work.

For inflation-adjusted, the cost of the site was over $15 billion. The site’s initial functioning competence was achieved on April 1, 1975. When the House of Representatives believed the project ineffective on October 2, 1975, they voted to shut it down.

However, in 2012 this Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Website was bought by the colony named Spring Creek Hutterite in North Dakota. Moreover, in 2020 the pyramid was sold to CCJDA. They converted this place into a historical building, sold or leased the pyramid to the relevant businesses. Now the Hutterite colony retains the ownership of this place.

What facilities does SRMSC offer?

This place safeguards complex MSR (Missile site radar), including thirty Spartan missiles sixteen shorter-range sprints. The sprint missiles were distributed at four RSL (remote sprint launcher) at a distance between 10-20 miles from the MSL (missile site radar). They were mostly located between 48 degrees north to 98 degrees of the west. 

Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Website defense system

The site protects two types of missiles that are mostly used to target the enemy ICBM. These missiles were designed smartly and used to attack the enemy’s warheads. 

Perimeter acquisition radar 

PAR site was specially designed with enormous phased array pointed to North. This design provides the early signs of an enemy if he is trying to enter your area or receiving information about an enemy who is incoming. The technology used in PAR is excellent to detect the enemy and eliminate the risk of attacks.

Missile Site Radar

Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Website also safeguard MSR, which is specially designed to compile the information received in PAR. It was four-phased arrays that basically collected the information in its radar functions. 

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For the Air force army security and keep them updated with technology, the government always support their young to give a tough fight to their enemies. Such Missiles and radar were designed to know the enemy and eliminate the war and other potential threats. 

The primary goal of SRMSC, Stanley’s Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Website, is to protect the historical Radar, ABM system, ICBM launchers and more under the treaty. 

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