Meta Birkin Bag (Jan 2022) Honoring Hermes’ Famous Bag!

The article talks about Meta Birkin Bag and elaborates on its other crucial and related details.

Who doesn’t like to indulge in some amazing digital shopping where you can grab some exciting offers and deals? With the advent of the internet, it has become quite easy for users from across the globe to make purchases via digital mode without any hassle. A similar opportunity is now available for citizens across the United States by the Meta Birkins project.

Herein, users are offered the chance of getting the Meta Birkin Bag, i.e., Hermes’ iconic bag, wherein you can choose from 100 different designs. Continue to read the entire article to know what the project is all about.

What is Meta Birkins Project?

To begin with, the Meta Birkins project is a follow to the Baby Birkin NFT project. Herein, Mason Rothschild, the artist, will be presenting his debut collection at the Art Basel of Miami beach, the United States, starting on 02 December 2021.

The collection is a partnership that the artist has sought with his fellow artist named Eric Ramirez. Before we move ahead to know more about Meta Birkin Bag, let’s explore what exactly was Baby Birkin in the below section.

About Baby Birkin

Baby Birkin NFT, as it is popularly known as was in actual an animation of a baby who was shown growing into a Hermes’ Birkin Bag. The animation was created in a play on the handbag that sought its place in pop culture.

Do you know, the bag with this garnered a commercial sale of $23,500? In addition, the dwarf’s physical bag gained a rate of $9500. Over 100 individual bags were created by Rothschild, which would be displayed in the event.

Meta Birkin Bag – More Facts and Details

In the Meta Birkin project, Rothschild has created over 100 individual Birkin bags NFTs simulated with faux fur and included a range of contemporary colors and graphics.

Features of The Bag

  • It is aesthetic and a tribute to Hermes, which is one of the popular handbag brands.
  • The latest series is said to be inspired by the acceleration of fur-free fashion initiatives.
  • Herein it applies and embraces alternate ethical textile techniques to spread the message of animal-free luxury.

Final Conclusion

The Meta Birkin Bag also aims to spread to the designers, brands, and artists the message to explore cruelty-free materials to produce elegant newer pieces. Apart from Birkins, other brands are also using the digital fashion world to spread awareness. Dolce and Gabbana have partnered with designers to create authentic and beatific digital wearables, sold at a whopping cost of $6 Million of NFTs.

It is yet to be soon how does the Birkin Bags showcase at the Digital Fashion World, and do they win the users. We hope this article provided you with sufficient information about Meta Birkin Bag. Read here to learn more about this project.

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