Merrill Lynch Google Reviews {Jan} Find Revenue, Ratings

The following research on Merrill Lynch Google Reviews will guide you on the reviews given to this company by renowned sites.

Are you looking for some investment management project that can guide the respective field? If yes, you need not worry. Merrill Lynch in the United States is one of the most renowned American-based investment management corporations.

This article on Merrill Lynch Google Reviews will let you know about the publicity and reviews on multiple google sites. In addition, you will learn about this corporation’s position and where it stands. So, please read this article.

What is Merrill Lynch?

Merrill Lynch is an American investment management company founded 108 years ago on January 6, 1914. The founders are Merrill Lynch, Edmund C. Lynch, and Charles E. Merrill. The headquarters of this company is located in New York, USA, at 250 Vesey Street. It is a wealth management company and a division of BOA (Bank of America). More than 14,000 financial employees are employed in this company.

Merrill Lynch Google Reviews

The company has been working for 108 years, but is it going in the right direction? What are the reviews shared by the renowned sites on this website? You will learn about the reviews of this company in this section. The company got different reviews from different sites.

  •   As per the consumer affairs website on the internet, the site got 3.7/5 ratings.
  •   The Investopedia website in Google rated this site at 4.1/5.
  •   According to Forbes Advisor, the company got 2.9 out of 5 ratings.

It is a good company if you need advice from a financial advisor. However, as per the Merrill Lynch Google Reviews, if you need guidance on investment and setting up of business, you can visit the brokers, and their branches have been set up in various countries.

Sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America

In the beginning, the company was owned privately by Merrill and Edmund, but what made them sell this company to Bank of America? The answer is here. The company faced a huge loss and lost confidence in Merrill’s Solvency. The inability to refinance the money market obligations led to the sale of Merrill Lynch company to Bank of America.

Our research on Merrill Lynch Google Reviews found that the Lehman brothers were under huge liquidity pressure on September 8, 2008. Their survival was tough, and ultimately on September 14, 2008, Bank of America announced the purchase of Lynch company for $38.25 billion.

Revenue of Merrill Lynch

According to the data collected in 2012, the revenue of Merrill stood at US $13.8 billion. And it has increased a lot till 2022. The net income of Merrill Lynch was 290,000,000 US dollars in 2012. Their total assets are calculated to be US $603,000,000,000.


Based on Merrill Lynch Google Reviews, we found that the company has been a good financial advisor and the ratings are quite acceptable. In addition, their net income position is also increasing over time. If you want to know more about Merrill Lynch Company, please check this link.  

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