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The article on mercenary enrollment 60 chapter talks about a manga series and its recently released chapter.

What is Mercenary enrollment? Is Mercenary enrollment a manga? Who wrote this manga? Which chapter was released recently? Where can we read it?

Manga and anime series are in trend among young people today, and they become a source of pleasure for them instead of a tool of entertainment Worldwide. This popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is an engaging form of visual storytelling. The narrative of manga and anime is more than just the plot. In this article, we will discuss mercenary enrollment 60 chapter.

What is Mercenary Enrollment?

Mercenary enrollment is a Manga series. YC drafted it, and Rak Hyun did the illustrations. It was released on 6th November 2020. The 60th chapter of this series was released on 19th November. It is an ongoing series. 

The plot is based in South Korea and tells the story of a boy who was the only survivor of a plane crash when he was a kid. He lost his parents in that plane crash. At present, he returns to his hometown after becoming a mercenary. After that, he started to live a peaceful and normal life.

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The genre of the comic series is School life, Drama, Action, Romance, Adventure, Military, and webtoons. The story revolves around the protagonist ‘Yu Ijin’.

Characters Of The Webtoon

The main characters are;

  • Lead is Yu Ijin, the plane crash survivor,
  • Shin Yuna is a 19-year-old school student who is the heiress of SW Corporation
  • Ko Sukjoo: He is a 19-year-old boy who is the bodyguard, secretary of Shin Yun, and also a classmate
  • Yu Dayun: She is the younger sister of Yu Ijin and a 17-year-old School student, she lives with her grandparents
  • An anonymous character Black Sun

mercenary enrollment 60 chapter

Chapter 60th of Mercenary Enrollment is now available for all to read, and it was also available with English subtitles. Anyone can easily find a chapter online and read it in your language, and Korean and English are two languages in which anyone can easily find the chapters.  

You can read the chapter online using your mobile, tablet, or laptop. On 18th November, the raw version was available on the Kakaopage. Widely released subtitles in different languages are English, Japanese, and Chinese.

We will not give any spoilers, and you can go online and read the 60th chapter. Fans or readers were eagerly waiting for this installment.

The mercenary enrollment 60 chapter caught the attention of the manga fans as the plot got very interesting, and people are now waiting for the next installment, chapter 61. 


On the 19th November 60th chapter, the famous Korean manga Mercenary Enrollment was available Worldwide with different subtitles to read and enjoy. The story has become engaging and binge-worthy, and it is an adventurous story that will surprise you and tickle your imagination.

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