Menylikes reviews {April} Is It A Good Place To Buy?

Menylikes Online Website Reviews

This article will help you determine the legitimacy of an e-store that sells clothing for men and women through the Menylikes reviews.

Do you want to shop for workout clothing at If you answered yes, then reading this menylikes review will help you better comprehend.

Nowadays, people in the United States are more concerned with their physical health. They started going to the gym and doing yoga, Zumba, and other activities. What if you could get all of a man’s necessary clothing in one place?

However, we recommend that you read Menylikes reviews before making any purchases on this website.

What is

Menylike is a men’s and women’s online shopping website. They claim to sell various men’s clothing, including gym vests, long suits, half suits, tops, bottoms, and shoes. All of them come in a variety of sizes and colors. They also feature a big selection of products on their website. They also offer a decent discount on all of the products available. They also claim that their products would be delivered on time. They also provide free shipping on orders over $89.

If you want to learn more about this online website, we recommend reading the Is Menylikes Legit.

Menylikes com’s specifications

  • Website Link –
  • Age of the Domain – This website has been up for less than six months.
  • Email Address –
  • Contact Number – No Data Available
  • Category – They sell both men’s and women’s clothing.
  • Social Media Links – Not Available.
  • Newsletter – It is Available.
  • Payment Method – American Express, Apple Pay, Master Card, Visa, and PayPal.
  • Return Time – Within 30 Days
  • Refund Time – 7 to 15 Working Days
  • Exchange Policy – Exchange is Available.
  • Shipping Policy – free shipping over $89
  • Delivery Time – 5 to 7 Working Days

Check out Menylikes reviews. If you’re interested in the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing at, read on.

What are the advantages of purchasing at

  • SSL certificate is used to secure this website.
  • On their website, they have a large range of products.
  • They offer a discounted rate on their product.

What are the disadvantages of purchasing at

  • There are no consumer reviews on the website.
  • This website was created a few months ago.
  • This website has no social media links.
  • Many problematic websites share the same user interface.

Is Menylikes Legit?

Nowadays, online scams are on the rise. It is critical that we be aware of such scams and that any website we purchase fulfills certain standards. Unfortunately, many people today engage in these deceptions to carry out their evil plans.

The following legitimacy criteria can assist you in solving your doubts.

  • Domain Creation Date – 02/03/2022
  • Domain Expiry Date – 02/03/2023
  • Content Originality – The content is copied from other problematic websites.
  • Policies- Menylikes’ policy is 82 percent taken from other websites.
  • Address originality – On the website, there was no mention of the company’s address.
  • Customers Reviews- The website does not have any Menylikes reviews from customers.
  • Social media Connections -The website does not have a social networking connection.
  • Alexa Rank -It is ranked 4847720 on Alexa. The website with the lowest popularity.
  • Owner’s information -There is no such information on the website.
  • Trust Score – It has an incredibly low trust score of just 2%.
  • Index Rank -It is rated 39.4 out of 100 in trust. Which raises suspicions and raises questions.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – On the website, they are offering a discount.
  • User Interface – Many negative websites use the same user interfaces.
  • Phishing Score -It is rated 45 out of 100.

Customer’s Menylikes reviews

We looked through the entire website and couldn’t find any customer reviews. Furthermore, we have not identified any reviews on other platforms, which has cast doubt on this website.

How to apply for a PayPal refund can be found here.

The Bottom Line

According to our research, this website sells clothing for both men and women. However, sell items specifically for men, such as gym vests, long suits, short suits, bottoms, tops, shoes, etc. Therefore, this website does not appear legitimate, and it fails the authenticity test. As a result, this website remains doubtful and suspicious.

Do you want to apply for a refund through a credit card?

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