Shining With Style: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Gold Chains

Complete Information About Shining With Style - The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Gold Chains

When you say gold chain for men, the debate starts with whether the gold chains are meant for men or not. However, this was the old concept when men were not allowed to wear any jewelry pieces, and if they did, it was not considered suitable. Previously gold chain and jewelry was something that punks, and rappers would wear. Now it is seen that a lot of men all over the world appreciate this piece, and now it has become a fashion statement even for men.

Different kinds of gold chains are available in the market. Every man can find something according to their taste, whether they want something subtle or loud. If you are a newbie to the gold chain and you don’t know the various kinds of gold chains available in the market for men, then no need to worry.

This is a complete guide for real gold chains for real men, and you can find all the information here. So let’s jump into the article and look at this detailed guide.

Different Men’s Gold Chain Styles:

Every person has their own style, and everyone likes different things. Similarly, if you go for gold chain shopping, you should know the various types of gold chain styles available in the market. This will help you get clarity and make your shopping experience more fun and less tiring.

Every man who considers himself stylish these days, realizes that a gold chain is an absolute must-have. But the man who’s sure about his taste knows that one chain necklace in his jewelry collection is obviously far from enough. The confident men are not hesitant when it comes to experimenting with chain styles and their combinations, that’s why their looks are always sharp and edgy.”

-Dennis Stepansky-Founder of ItsHot

Below are some of the most common gold chain styles you can choose from.

1. Herringbone Chain Link:

The first and the most popular style of gold chain for men is the Herringbone Chain Link. As the name suggested, the link of these chains looks like small bones of herring that are closely attached together. There are two parallel rows present in the chain with slated V-shaped links. This chain lays flat on the skin and is considered one of the most elegant styles in the market.

Since it lays flat on the skin, this type of chain looks stylish and subtle. If you do not like a lot of bling and heavy jewelry, this type of gold chain will be ideal for you. The only drawback of this style of gold chain for men is that it can get kinked very quickly. This means you need to be careful while wearing this chain.

The Herringbone chain link also does not pair well with a pendant because the links need to be stronger and can break easily because of a heavy pendant. If you want to add a pendant to this type of chain, it will be best to go for a lightweight pendant.

2. Cuban or Curb Chain Link:

 If you are a fan of bling and heavy necklaces, then Curb and Cuban gold chains are the best options. This is a popular style of necklace that many people, including many celebrities, have been wearing. These two types of chains are very similar to each other. Both of these styles have oval twisted links that are tightly attached together.

This type of gold chain for men is very flattering, and it is also very trendy nowadays. The best thing about this style of chain is that it is a classic design that will always stay in style. This heavier and chunkier style is ideal for people with a loud and bold style.

Another great feature why people enjoy this gold chain style is because durability. This chain type can also be paired with pendants if you want to add extra bling to your look.

3. Gucci Mariner Chain Link:

If you are trying to find something unique and different, then the Gucci Mariner Chain Link is a good choice. This chain is called the “Anchor Chain” because its links are very similar to the anchors. This design is very durable as the links are strongly connected to each other.

The two anchors are connected to each other with smaller oval links. In the center, the oval links stabilize the chain and give it strength. This also makes the chain very unique and different from the other styles available in the market.

The Gucci Mariner Chain Link is unisex, which means both men and women can style them. You can find these chains with diamonds all over them, available in different designs and colors. So if you want something bold, unique, and chunky, this gold chain style will suit you.

4. Snake Chain Link:

If you want something subtle and good for everyday wear, look for the Snake chain link. As the name says, the chain looks like a snake. The tightly joined rings lay flat on the skin, giving an elegant and royal feel. These chains have a lot of flexibility, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Snake chains often pair well with the pendants and can be worn alone as a statement piece. Another great thing about these chains is that they can be layered with other necklaces. This is why people love the Snake gold chains because of their versatility and their style.

5. Figaro Chains Style:

Another on the list of the most popular and stylish gold chains for men is the Figaro chain. This chain is very simple when it comes to style. Still, it has gained a lot of popularity. Figaro contains long oval links that are followed by three round links. This is a very different design and unique design that you can find.

The Figaro chains look very flattering and can be styled in many different ways. This is also durable; if damaged, the links can be replaced easily. You can wear it for everyday fashion and even on special occasions by pairing it with pendants and other necklaces.


Gold chains for men have gained a lot of popularity. The gold chain elevates the entire look of men in the simplest yet elegant manner. The best part is that these chains can be worn for special and casual occasions. If you are trying to find a good place with the best quality gold chains for men, visit ItsHot. They have a wide variety of chains, making it easy for everyone to find something according to their liking.

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