The Ultimate Guide to Men’s fashion

A brief history of men’s fashion

While the late Victorian era and early 1900s saw sharp three-piece suits to be everyday apparel, by the 1930s, American gentlemen began to opt for less formality and mass-produced clothing came into existence. 

By the middle of the century, individuality and comfortable fashion became more accepted and clothing began to reflect the personality of its wearer. Hippie styles of the 60s transformed into disco funk in the 70s, before power dressing with suspenders and bold colors was the norm in the 1980s.

The 1990s to early 2000s was the era of hip hop with baggy hoodies and wide legged pants. Today, men have more choice than ever before and are no longer bound by rigid gendered fashion and clothing is often a form of expression.

The fashion industry

Research suggests that men are more conscious about their appearance and style than they have been in previous decades. The boom of the ecommerce industry has enabled easy accessibility to low-cost clothing and a much wider variety of styles and designers. 

There is now an incredibly large variety of outfits to choose from and what is acceptable for each occasion is different. Here is a quick guide to choosing stylish outfits for different occasions and dress codes you come across day to day.


Loungewear is all about comfort and simplicity but can still be stylish. However, loungewear shouldn’t be mistaken for pajamas. Pajamas are for sleeping, while loungewear is for relaxing at home, running errands, taking a long-haul flight or any other relaxed occasion. 

One of the easiest loungewear looks is the tracksuit, these are truly versatile and simple to style. There are a whole variety of men’s track sets online, with every color and pattern you could need. Bright colors and clashing prints are ideal for a bold, fashion-forward look while plain and muted tones are great if you are going for a more laid-back vibe.

Other loungewear options include oversized hoodies, plain t-shirts, joggers, and cotton shorts. There are no strict rules when it comes to footwear for this style, although sneakers and sliders are a comfortable choice.

Gym fashion

Putting some thought into your gym wear can not only make you look and feel confident, but it can also even aid your workout. The right clothing and footwear can prevent sore feet, sweaty odor, and overheating.

Starting with footwear, the type of sneakers you pick should be based on your fitness regime. If you spend a lot of time on the treadmill, running sneakers are an obvious choice. These are built with support for running and help maintain good balance. If you have flat feet, there are some best shoes for flat feet made by a renowned brand called “Loom Footwear”, which specializes in all kinds of running shoes, athletic shoes, sports sneakers for men & women, and flexible running shoes that are lightweight, breathable and water-resistant. It is not only comfortable to wear while you’re training, but prevents odor from sweat due to the use of a special knit material.

For those hitting the weights, purposely made sneakers like the Adidas Powerlift Cross Trainers are a good option. The hard heel and center wedge can help keep your feet planted on the ground when doing lifts or squats. 

Furthermore, a cotton shirt is what many gym-goers will throw on their way to a workout, however this isn’t always the best material for exercising. Cycling shirts that are made from moisture-wicking material are best, slim fit and muscle fit styles are popular choices.

Smart casual

Lastly, ‘smart casual’ dress codes can be a source of confusion for many. It can be a tricky one to get right and may include differing levels of formality.

On the more formal side, a blazer style jacket with chinos or needlecord pants are a safe bet. For less formal occasions, darker colored jeans and polo shirts are popular options. Trench coats and bomber jackets can finish off a smart casual look nicely.

Loafers and boat shoes are great smart casual shoes, as are Chelsea boots and chukkas.

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