Meng Wanzhou Children {Sep} Know Their Latest Life!

If you want to know about ‘The Princess of Huawei’ and her family, read this article until the end to know about Meng Wanzhou Children.

This Friday, on 25/Sep, The US Department of Justice may withdraw an application against Meng Wanzhou as both the parties had reached an agreement that may lead to withdrawal of charges against Meng Wanzhou. With this news, people in the United States and Canada got interested to know more about Meng Wanzhou and her Children. 

So, let us read about Meng Wanzhou Children, her family and her career details below.

Who is Meng Wanzhou?

She was born on 13/Feb/1972. She is popularly known as ‘The Princess of Huawei’ as she is the Deputy Chairperson and Chief Financial Officer of Huawei. She was arrested from the airport in Canada while she was trying to leave for China.

She was under house arrest at her aeroplane home in Canada in 2018 on the charges of wire fraud and bank fraud filed against her by the United States. In the next section, let us discuss more about Meng Wanzhou Children.

She was released on bail of $10 million with the condition that she would hand over all seven passports owned and be under electronic surveillance. Though, she was allowed to go to restaurants on the condition that she would be back before 11 PM. The court granted her bail as Meng had Thyroid cancer, sleep disorders and hypertension.

Childrens of Meng Wanzhou:

She is the elder daughter of Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei and her mother – Meng Jun. Yao Anna is the youngest Sister of Meng. Yao is studying at Harvard. Meng was married to Liu Xiaozong, and they have one daughter. There were three Meng Wanzhou Children from her previous marriage.

  • Their daughter is ten years old.
  • Meng’s elder son from her first marriage is twenty years old, and he is a computer engineer by profession.
  • The second son of Meng is a grown-up studying in Massachusetts and
  • The youngest son from Meng’s first marriage is a fourteen-year-old kid living with his father in Hong Kong.
  • During the early days of her marriage with Liu, her two children were studying in Vancouver between 2009 until 2012. At the same time, Liu was pursuing his master’s degree in Vancouver. 

Meng Wanzhou Children security:

  • Details of all four children are WITHHELD FROM PUBLIC, including their names and locations. 
  • Meng had spent holidays with her four kids in Vancouver. The pictures of Meng’s family having a good time are all over the internet. However, due to SECURITY REASONS, the faces of all her four kids are CENSORED. 
  • Meng is also under high security 24/7.

As Meng continued her effort to set free, her husband Liu and children were granted permission to enter Canada as immigrants and visit Meng in Vancouver. Please note that Meng is a permanent resident of Canada. 


Meng was under house arrest, and It is sad to know that Meng Wanzhou Children did not meet her for a long time. With all the information from available sources, it is clear that Meng’s husband and children are PROGRESSING in their life and career under high security. 

Would you like to know more about Meng ? Let us know your feelings about her children living apart from their mother.

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