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Melelly Reviews [Aug 2021] Is It The Legit Business?

Melelly Online Website Reviews
Are you planning to buy outfits and dresses from this website? First, read this article based on Melelly Reviews and then decide whether you should consider this site or not.

Are you tired of wearing all those old clothes in your wardrobe? Are you also in search of a new website from which you can buy trendy outfits? In this article, you will get to know about Melelly Reviews and all its details. This review will help you verify the legitimacy of this site as the people from the United States are also showing interest in this site. Don’t miss a single detail and read the article till the end.

What is

As of Our research on this website, we found out that this is an American-based online shopping portal. This website sells clothing and outfits for women. The dresses available on the website are : 

  • Sweaters
  • Tops
  • Casual dresses
  • two pieces sets

This website registered its domain two months ago. We also got to know that the website is present on Facebook and Instagram. So, Is Melelly Legit? Let’s find out.

Specifications of 

  • The URL to reach the official website is:
  • The website offers women clothing and outfits.
  • Free shipping on orders above $79 is offered in the United States.
  • A 30-day return policy is also available.
  • Order processing and shipping can take upto 35 days.
  • orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of ordering the product
  • The following is the email address provided by the company: 
  •  contact details are +447482875871.
  • The company’s official address is  XBP International LTD, 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club, PayPal and Discover are available. 

Know the legitimacy of this website is based on Melelly Reviews by reading the below pros and cons of this website. 

Pros of using : 

  • The website offers products that look good in quality.
  • A great variety of products can be seen on the website.
  • We can see Facebook and Instagram pages managed by this website.
  • We found some reviews by happy customers for this site.
  • free shipping is also offered in the United States
  • HTTPS protocol is followed.
  • SSL certificate is valid.

Cons of using : 

  • The Domain of this website is only two months old from now.
  • The trust rank obtained by this website is low.
  • A 10% fee will be charged for cancelling the order.
  • Is Melelly Legit?

Do you know the legitimacy of my new website? It is a must to get all the details related to the website. So you can be sure that the website is safe and is not a fraud. Read the below points and know the authenticity of this site. 

  • The domain of was created on 6 July 2021, which makes it a young site. 
  • The trust rank obtained by this site is 38.7%
  • The website is active on Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Alexa rank cannot be obtained for this site. 
  • Free shipping in the United States is offered.
  • We found some good Melelly Reviews on the internet.

Reviews and feedback about this website 

As you should have all read the above details about this site. Let’s come to the reviews and feedback provided by customers about this website. As we were looking for details on this website, we found some good reviews provided by happy customers on a reviewing platform. The majority of the reviews described good points about this site. These reviews can make it very easier to know whether a website is legit or a scam. So based on Melelly Reviews and many other good factors about this site, we can say that this website may be legit. Read the conclusion to know our final verdict on this website. Also, you can easily find out how to get a refund if you lost your money in a PayPal Scam

Conclusion: Based on our research on this website, we can see that there are many good points about the site. We can tell that this website may be legit. But to be sure, you should also check on your own about this website and also consider the Melelly Reviews and then only shop anything from here as this is a newly created website and obtained low trust rank

Please let us know in the comment section if you want to say anything on today’s review. And don’t forget to provide your feedback. 

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  1. This site is also advertising made and shipped from an Indian address. I’ve been trying to order as much as possible from options NOT made in China. Just because with the pandemic it’s important to keep my dollars in the US. Is this an American made option? It doesn’t sound like it based on the other info you’ve provided. It is using a made in the USA as part of its marketing on Facebook. If this isn’t true then I really feel like the legit factor goes way down.

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