Melelly Reviews [Feb 2022] Is It The Legit Business?

Melelly Online Website Reviews
Are you planning to buy outfits and dresses from this website? First, read this article based on Melelly Reviews and then decide whether you should consider this site or not.

Are you tired of wearing all those old clothes in your wardrobe? Are you also in search of a new website from which you can buy trendy outfits? In this article, you will get to know about Melelly Reviews and all its details. This review will help you verify the legitimacy of this site as the people from the United States are also showing interest in this site. Don’t miss a single detail and read the article till the end.

What is

As of Our research on this website, we found out that this is an American-based online shopping portal. This website sells clothing and outfits for women. The dresses available on the website are : 

  • Sweaters
  • Tops
  • Casual dresses
  • two pieces sets

This website registered its domain two months ago. We also got to know that the website is present on Facebook and Instagram. So, Is Melelly Legit? Let’s find out.

Specifications of 

  • The URL to reach the official website is:
  • The website offers women clothing and outfits.
  • Free shipping on orders above $79 is offered in the United States.
  • A 30-day return policy is also available.
  • Order processing and shipping can take upto 35 days.
  • orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of ordering the product
  • The following is the email address provided by the company: 
  •  contact details are +447482875871.
  • The company’s official address is  XBP International LTD, 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club, PayPal and Discover are available. 

Know the legitimacy of this website is based on Melelly Reviews by reading the below pros and cons of this website. 

Pros of using : 

  • The website offers products that look good in quality.
  • A great variety of products can be seen on the website.
  • We can see Facebook and Instagram pages managed by this website.
  • We found some reviews by happy customers for this site.
  • free shipping is also offered in the United States
  • HTTPS protocol is followed.
  • SSL certificate is valid.

Cons of using : 

  • The Domain of this website is only two months old from now.
  • The trust rank obtained by this website is low.
  • A 10% fee will be charged for cancelling the order.
  • Is Melelly Legit?

Do you know the legitimacy of my new website? It is a must to get all the details related to the website. So you can be sure that the website is safe and is not a fraud. Read the below points and know the authenticity of this site. 

  • The domain of was created on 6 July 2021, which makes it a young site. 
  • The trust rank obtained by this site is 38.7%
  • The website is active on Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Alexa rank cannot be obtained for this site. 
  • Free shipping in the United States is offered.
  • We found some good Melelly Reviews on the internet.

Reviews and feedback about this website 

As you should have all read the above details about this site. Let’s come to the reviews and feedback provided by customers about this website. As we were looking for details on this website, we found some good reviews provided by happy customers on a reviewing platform. The majority of the reviews described good points about this site. These reviews can make it very easier to know whether a website is legit or a scam. So based on Melelly Reviews and many other good factors about this site, we can say that this website may be legit. Read the conclusion to know our final verdict on this website. Also, you can easily find out how to get a refund if you lost your money in a PayPal Scam

Conclusion: Based on our research on this website, we can see that there are many good points about the site. We can tell that this website may be legit. But to be sure, you should also check on your own about this website and also consider the Melelly Reviews and then only shop anything from here as this is a newly created website and obtained low trust rank

Please let us know in the comment section if you want to say anything on today’s review. And don’t forget to provide your feedback. 

Know how you can get a refund if you lost your money in a credit card scam.

93 thoughts on “Melelly Reviews [Feb 2022] Is It The Legit Business?

  1. This site is also advertising made and shipped from an Indian address. I’ve been trying to order as much as possible from options NOT made in China. Just because with the pandemic it’s important to keep my dollars in the US. Is this an American made option? It doesn’t sound like it based on the other info you’ve provided. It is using a made in the USA as part of its marketing on Facebook. If this isn’t true then I really feel like the legit factor goes way down.

      1. This business is a fraud. Claims free and easy returns but they refuse to send me information on how to return and won’t refund my money. Only offered me half of what I paid for the top and it was the wrong item! They show USA on their websites but they said their factory is in Dubai. Said if I wanted to return the item I would have to pay shipping myself! Liars and cheats.

        1. Hello Barbara, first they offer discount price and products they send are of no quality. They provide false phone no’s, email Id, as the buyer cannot reach. Please all be cautious. Don’t transact with them. Thanks.

        2. Ditto. When I requested the advertised “free return” they offered me a third of the purchase price as well as keep the items or send them back to DUBAI (at my own expense) for a full refund. The site claims clothes are made in USA. The tag in all 3 pieces says “made in China”. The material of 2 of the screen printed shirts feels like rubber and I would never wear them. I was under the impression I was buying “sweaters”. I mean, that IS what the description said.

          1. Hi Lisabeth D. Lewis, How are you? I hope now it is clear that the website has made a scam with you. If you wish to return, you need to bear the expenses, which in turn is again a loss. Take a call and check if you can file a refund with your payment partner. Do let us know. Take care.

        3. I agree with your review. I wanted to refund 3 items. Two items were of poor quality: trim lace missing and zipper not working. The third appeared to have incorrect size. After months of back and forth they gave me a Dubai address to send to get refund even though they advertise Made and shipped in America. The three tops were $96 but the shipping far exceeded. They offered me a fraction of the costs. Then I reported to credit card as fraud. After their investigation I was rejected. So not sure what documentation they gave my company. Now they won’t even offer me the fraction of costs. So I’m out $96. I also tried going yo social media and now I’m blocked from leaving any feedback. What a Fraudulent company. Do not buy from this company. Feel free to forward to anyone.

      2. I ordered from this company and wanted to return my clothing. They said can return but kept putting me off. They finally sent me an email and said they would offer me 15.00and I keep the clothing. No I said It’s over 100.00 so I want my credit back. I called a #associated with them and they kept me on my phone and scammed me on my computer. I thought something was wrong. They charged almost 3,000 to my discover card. I called discover right away and closed down my acct. They opened up PayPal in my name and used my email address. I closed that down. I have have been trying to change all my passwords. I had my computer looked at an removed the program they installed. This has been a mess. They just sent me another email and offered 60.00 cause to ship it to Dubai would be too expensive to return. It’s all a scam.

        1. Hello Debbie, How terrible. The way you expressed helps us to know how much hard work you have put. Thank you very much you drafted all the details. How far they can cheat the buyers. Individuals, be aware. Stay away and alert. So, disheartening it is. At last only headache. Please confirm twice before you purchase any product online. Take care. Thanks.

          1. Also they sent me an email after and online they say made and shipped from USA . Thats a lie. I was sent an email from them and said shipping address is in Dubai!
            Who can I turn them into??

    1. I liked the look of their clothing and the fact that they’re “supposedly “ made in USA. I placed an order for 4 tops a month ago and have yet to receive a notice regarding shipping or ETA. I realize there are many delays these days but most legit companies keep you posted on your order. Nothing from this company.

          1. I just filed a dispute with my credit card company & won. Melelly e-mailed me the whole time wanting me to remove the dispute, but I refused & the ruling was in my favor. I wasn’t going to waste more time trying to work with them.

        1. I have been waiting two months for my order very disappointed in this company.I have ask for a tracking # keep giving me excuses.Sad this company is doing this to good people…..I just want my money back!! Thanks for any HELP! How do they get by doing this to people sooooo ugly…?

          1. Hi Thelma, this is really pathetic that a buyer need to suffer from such cheap tricks. You shall check with your Paypal team for the refund. explain them the complete scene. Take care.

    2. I did receive my items after a long while….but not as described or pictured. I asked how to return because it did not fit.. I was told their sizing is within 2 cm…. They were sorry and offered to refund me $5.00 US…..
      My order was $84.00 shipping included.
      This company is a scam.

    3. I filed a dispute with my credit card company & won.I filed a dispute with my credit card company & won. I think it’s the only way to get your $ back as I wasted a lot of time trying to work with them before I filed the dispute.

      1. Hello Laura, Happy to hear you got your money back. It is very true, wasting time with them will be of no use. It will result in disappointment. It is better to reach the card company. Thanks for the information. Take care.

  2. I ordered clothing from this website and my Discover card was already charged in mid September but STILL NO CLOTHES. I am very concerned and can’t seem to find a customer service #? Does anyone have any information or had this kind of service.

    1. Hi jody m clem, It is disturbing to know that you haven’t got any product that you did order from here. You shall go for a refund of your money if things seem to be dicy. Check with your payment partner for the same. Thank you.

  3. This is a SCAM company !! I placed an order over a month and half ago… I have sent them email after email with on response. I found a phone number , called it ,they where from India , that was a RED flag, after our conversation they tried to scam me again !!
    DO NOT ORDER FROM MELELLY ! Be ware they will take your money and you’ll never get your order !

  4. I know first hand that ads shown on Facebook/Instagram AKA Mark Zuckerberg that these companies that advertise on these sites are not researched. They do not check anything,! I once ordered from an ad I saw on Facebook and they took my money immediately and I never saw the product and I was stupid because the ad had no contact information. My advise to everyone is do not order from these companies you see ads for on Facebook or Instagram.

  5. The meleley clothing line is a scam. They promise shipment and went so far as sending me a fake USPO showing the items shipped. They are in a foriegn country and charge a foreign transaction fee around 10%. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. REPORT THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. POST THIS ON FACEBOOK which is where I found them originally.

    1. Do Not Oder from this company! The quality of the clothing especially dresses is poor, material feels
      like a poor Halloween costume, the dress does not look anything like the order picture…. When asking for a refund or a shipping label they didn’t respond at first after 4 attempts I got an answer that they needed pictures. Sending pictures with the request they responded in a few days offering me $7 and keep the costume (dress). I did not accept then they offered me $17 because it was expensive for them to send it back, Not my problem don’t sell a product you can’t stand behind… I’m reporting this company!

  6. I just received my order from the first week in September. To be honest I forgot all about it and then looked it up on my debit card. May I say that this clothing is quality? It is made very well and I will continue to order from them. Good Luck to you Melelly!

  7. This is a TERRIBLE company, DO NOT buy from them. They totally misrepresent the products on their site. They look nothing like the images they present. Then they will not do a return!!! I agree, they are not shipping/maunfacturing from IN or anywhere in the US. These are cheap China products.

  8. I ordered a red sweater. I paid with Pay Pal so I was able to notify the company. They say they are located in the US but they are not. They sent me a red top which is not a sweater that I ordered on Facebook. Do not order from them. I paid them $50 & it took a month to get something I did not order. Luckily Pay Pal stands behind its customers.

  9. I order 3 tops loved 2 fit great third one was too big and long for me. Tried to return it the wouldn’t return it Offered me $6 dollars. And keep the short. What good is that if you can’t wear it. Near use them again.

  10. I did order 4 shirts. I did wait 4 weeks … but, I did receive them. I was really surprised, but I liked them. The fit was good and 3 of the 4 I ordered were exactly as pictured. One was shorter in length than shown in their ad, but the fit was good. I have ordered a couple Christmas shirts.

  11. I ordered three tops from Melelly in September. They finally arrived. Two of the tops have issues, faulty stitching around the neck and the other one is a tunic that is so long I could wear it as a dress if I was shorter. Took pictures like they asked for a return confirmation. They offered me $8 as compensation. No, I do not want compensation, I want a refund. Reporting to my credit card company. It’s a scam.

  12. I also fell victim to Melelly and another linked site called joennar London- both seemed to be the same sight. Total purchase 269 USD. The company claimed to be located in the US and shopped from the US.

    My Orders took place on October 18th. I’ve reached out to Melelly with no emailed response. No actually order transaction was emailed which should have been a red flag.

    The clothing reviews seemed legitimate, apparently one can not determine a legit company from site clothing reviews.

    How does one report this to the better BB?

  13. I purchased several tops from Melelly. I should have known better than to trust the clothes were made in the USA. The clothes really don’t look anything like they do in the pictures. Im not sure who they have review these…Im guessing its all inside because the quality and the look are horrible. I cant figure out what the material is…its the worst texture in my opinion! I can already see its going to be an issue trying to return it all so I will donate it to my church thrift store. Like I said I should have known better but everything looked so cute in the pictures.

  14. SCAM!!! I placed and order and then attempted to cancel it when I found negative feedback on the site. The cancellation policy states that an order can be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund or cancelled with a 10% penalty after the 24 hour period, but prior to shipping. I was willing to accept the 10% penalty, however, they would not cancel my order. They told me to wait until the order was received because I might like the items. I asked them agin to cancel and they told me that I could contact them when the order arrived and they would give $5.00 compensation. The order was $135.00! I asked them again to cancel. They told me to refuse the package at delivery if I really didn’t want it. I disputed with my credit card company and reported to the BBB. I also, incurred a currency exchange fee which indicates that they are not operating in the USA. Melelly is a SCAM company and no one should order from them!

  15. I received my order the other day…and had totally forgotten about it. I had no clue where the merchandise came from as there was not a packing slip or anything to identify the company. When I received my credit card statement, I saw a name that I was not familiar with. Upon looking it up, I saw the tops I had received. The tops are of decent quality but I’m not a fan of the fabric but I’ll wear them. There are no washing instructions but I wash everything on delicate with cold water so no worries there. However, I would have liked to have had instructions about whether items were dryer safe.

  16. Garbage! That’s where my $114 order ended up. Clothing quality is awful, the fabric is worse than a cheap kids Halloween costume. Sweater sleeve length was super short. Shipping was very slow. It took many attempts to get a reply when I requested to do a return, and then they offered me a $40 refund and said I could keep the items. They will not accept them back for a full refund, I’m already out the $25 for shipping to begin with.
    Buyer BEWARE!

    1. Hi Wendy Hahn, I felt really bad for your experience, that is why we wish to educate more of people and thank you that you shared your opinion. Now buyers shall be aware and do not get scammed. Take care.

  17. I also placed an order with them on September 23rd thru Paypal – I have STILL not received any product! I am disputing the charge through Paypal. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! it is definitely bogus!

  18. I ordered 4 cardigans for 161.00 on 9/20/2021 no shipping info for weeks and no response from my emails. My credit card was charged so I called my credit card company . Since I didn’t receive any merchandise or response , they immediately refunded my money. I only need one bad experience to learn. I will not order from this company again. I don’t believe they exist. Any positive emails , I believe they plant themselves. Some of them are identical. word for word, just different name.

    1. I did get my order eventually, but it runs quite small, and there was absolutely NO paperwork included, no brand attached to the sweater, and no note of what material it was made of and no washing instructions. I would return it otherwise and ask for a refund. Alas no way of contacting them. Lesson learned, never again.

  19. I placed an order October 11th. Received a tracking number on the 17th.I was told that I would receive my order in 10-14 days. I have received nothing.
    I have not been able to reach anyone. I have emailed repeatedly to no avail. Clearly, this is not a legitimate site…. !!!!!
    Good luck getting a refund!

  20. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY ! Quality of clothes is awful and they will not provide a way to return them. I have been trying to return items since the day they were delivered about a month ago. I think they are trying to let the 30 days go by.

    1. Hi Bonnie Belair, it is true the scam companies operate in similar fashion. It will not be easy for you to return the order as it will require you to ship on your own expenses. Please check their policies carefully. Take care.

  21. I have sent several emails for a return label. NOTHING. I finally got a response asking why I am returning. POOR QUALITY!!! Still no response.

    1. Hello Wendy Startari, we feel bad, buyers have to invest their own money and have to struggle to get the order. It is recommended to go for a refund. The payment company will support you in getting your money back. Thanks.

  22. DO NOT order from this company. I spent $250 waited for 5 weeks to receive my order and the tops are NOTHING like the description. I ordered sparkley tops for the holidays, not one sparkle. The sizes are not what they should be. Awful; product, very cheaply made, big SCAM

  23. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! I ordered 3 shirts mid-September. It is now the end of November and I still have not received my items. The company claims my home address is invalid and are requesting me to provide a valid address. I have requested a refund for my items and they said I would need to pay $18 for shipping. I refuse to pay for items I never received. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and have disputed this charge with my bank. They will continue to scam people out of money this way. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!

  24. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! SCAM ALERT! The clothes are not as shown in the pictures, the quality is extremely poor, and they DO NOT have any customer service! It is impossible to get a return slip, I’ve sent 7 emails since I received my order, to no avail. They are slow to respond, and will not give me a return slip, even though I have demanded one 7 times so far. save yourself the headache, you would get more by throwing your money out of a window!

    1. Hello Kim Black, feels bad to hear such scam incidents. But it’s the fact and they are taking place on a large scale. No one would ever go to this portal. At last you will be disappointed. Thanks for the detailed information. Buyers be careful and stay away.

  25. I placed an order & received it but I didn’t like the way the tops fit me so I wanted to return them. I emailed the company & THEY DONT GIVE REFUNDS. WORST COMPANY EVER. The only way you can return something is if it’s damaged then they would replace it. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS POS COMPANY!!!

    1. Hello Caroline McMahon, It feels sad to hear, you did not get your tops exchanged. The return policy is not up to the mark. Each time go with familiar portals. The chances to lose are less. Rightly said, don’t buy from them. Take care. Thanks.

  26. This company is a fraud. I ordered and did receive a fake post office notice claiming that the package was enoute to the post
    Office, that was a week ago… I ordered my package almost a month ago…The company said the package is on the way via email.
    At the point I am out of 98.00

    1. Hello Ness, feels sad to hear. You did not get the order. It’s a long time, you ordered and yet no response. Hope you get the order with good quality. Please update us. Be aware. Take care.

  27. I ordered from them first week in October. They sent me tracking info on 10/23, 20 days later. It has been almost 30 days since then and the tracking info still states “Label Created, not yet in system” I contacted them, they said it would take 3-12 business days. It has been past that timeframe now. I contacted again requesting a cancellation – they declined. I started a PayPal dispute…we shall see what happens. BTW, their correspondence is coming from DressFashion, Indiefit and, only the orginal order has Melelly address.

    1. Hello j johnson, You did right. To reach PayPal is the last option to get the refund. The scammers just argue, they just postpone everything and they disappear. So you can decide they are real or not. Go for better option in future. Please update us. Thanks.

  28. I finally received the notice that the item I ordered was delivered. but to my surprise it was not to my address. and they used the usps for shipping. and so much for that. item was delivered to wrong address and there is NOTHING you can do since they used the POSTAL SERVICE for that. I have reached out to the company and they told me to contact USPS. UGH what a joke. I tried to contact USPS that is the joke part of this issue. LESSON LEarned. DO not order items from advertising company on fAcebook. you have no recourse and they do not have ANY CUSTOMER SERVICE!! and you will spend money and NOT GET anything

    1. Hello Michele Garthright, Rightly said. Such common scams they are doing nowadays. They send the products to another address and try to cheat the buyers in saying already sent. Take proper precautions. Stay safe and alert. Be aware. Thanks.

  29. Absolutely the worst! Items advertised to be made and shipped in USA, not true, from China! Advertised free returns in 30 days, not true. Offered to let me return items at my expense to Dubai! No phone number to contact them only email. Kept trying to get me to keep the clothes that didn’t fit, and give me a token credit. Will go to my credit card company to dispute charge.

    1. Hello Sharon A Jensen, It is very disappointing. Such scammers cheat with the buyers and grab the money easily. They use different tricks to captivate the buyer’s attention. But it is better to reach the credit card company. Thanks for the update. Take care.

  30. I placed a $146 order & waited for a couple months before receiving them. The items were horrible. Buttons fell off before I even opened the plastic on them, blurry screen print on shirts, snag on one, etc. I contacted them to return the items & they wanted photos of the damage, which I provided. They didn’t respond, so I contacted them again. They offered $15 & for me to keep the items. I refused. They didn’t respond. Each time I wrote I asked for their address to return the items & they wouldn’t send it. I filed a dispute with my credit card company. They emailed wanting to remove the dispute. I refused saying until they sent me a pre-paid postage label, the address to return it to & refund my $, I wouldn’t remove the dispute. They finally sent the address & was in China. I requested pre-paid postage since on their Home Screen of their website it states that they are in the US & tge products were damaged. At this point my credit card company ruled the dispute in my favor. Melelly’s response to my request of the pre-paid label was just that the ruling was in my favor. So, they didn’t sent the postage label. (I still would have returned the items.)
    My advice is: DON’T ORDER FROM THEM! But if you do & want your $ back, file a dispute with your credit card or however you paid. Don’t bother wasting much time trying to work with them as they will waste as much of your time as possible as well as having sent low quality products.

    1. Hello Laura, Good advice. Directly get in touch with the card company, whichever it may be. It will at least help to get money back. Such scammers will give reasons and after all it will not be of use. You will lose money. Thanks for the information. Take care.

  31. Hello,
    I have placed 2 orders with Melelly and have not been disappointed in the least. The 1st order I was very skeptical but I continued on with my order.
    All 6 sweaters I ordered (In medium 5’3″ 125 lbs.) fit amazing, are so comfortable and are true to size!
    I am sad that others have not had the same experience that I have had, I am very satisfied!!
    I hope others can also find some happiness in their orders.

    1. Hello Jennifer, it is good, you have received the order and are happy with it. Most of the buyers have a negative view, so it can be advisable to please confirm before you proceed. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  32. They claim their clothing is made & shipped in the USA, just found out they are in Asia. Both the items I purchased are junk!!!! I spent $82.00 and they are offering me $21.00 refund. I am telling everyone I know NOT to buy anything from Melley!!!

    1. Hello Doris, Thanks for the update and suggestion. You said it right, stay away from such portals. They are here to grab the money and disappear. Even they don’t bother about it. It is better to be aware and check for the genuine one. Your message will help other buyers to know about the portal. Thanks. Take care.

  33. I ordered from this company and waited a month before I received my merchandise. The amount of merchandise I ordered was $93.97. I needed to return what I ordered as nothing fit properly. I asked for the return address which I never received. I went back and forth with emails from them offering me different amounts which were no where near what I paid. The final email they offered me $70.00 which was credited to my credit card. I just wanted to settle this back and forth so I accepted but nothing was said about returning the merchandise which I still have.

  34. I ordered 2 tops several month ago. Took a long time to receive but were exactly as pictured, good fit, and good fabric and I am a seasoned sewer. Am shocked after reading all these comments. Now I’m hesitant to send in my order. Loved their styles.

    1. Hello Dorlene Nicklas, it is good to hear, you received the order and it is as per your wish. Most of the buyers have negative reviews, as they have not received the order. Please check the reviews of the portal before any transaction. Be aware. Thank you.

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