Stylish and Trending Medium Length Haircuts for Women

Medium length haircuts for women are very common due to their versatile nature. Some people have naturally medium-length hair, leaving them no option other than to try this option as they wait for their hair to grow. With medium-length hair, you can pull out a lot of hairstyles, and you can even try a new style for each new day.

You can also take advantage of the situation and experiment with different styles that are trending at the moment. You may end up landing yourself a favorite style in the process of having fun with the different options available. Below are some of the trending medium length haircuts for women.

1. A Straight Bob Haircut

The bob is a timeless haircut for women that has no signs of getting out of fashion. The different bob medium length haircuts for women are hairstyles you can wear daily and for any event. 

For this specific option, the bob is shoulder length with a neat blunt cut at the tips. You can also wear this haircut with the bleach color of choice to spice up things a bit.

You can let the hair fall freely with a middle part, or you can do a side part, depending on your needs and personality. The blunt cut is very important if you want the bob to be thick and have full hair volume all the way from the roots to the tips.

2. A Medium Length Cut With Framing Layers

This idea is somewhere between medium-length hair and long hair. The framing layers help make the maintenance of this haircut low as you will not necessarily have to detangle your hair.

The layers also work perfectly in framing your facial features and help carry the extra weight of your hair. This medium length idea is the best option if you want to embrace and show off your natural hair texture.

3. Bottleneck Bob

This haircut is very easy maintenance as it is almost the same as getting a haircut and leaving it messy. The idea also features some bangs on the front which makes the haircut a bit extra. 

Leaving all the hair messy and in its natural texture state will give you the look of a young adult. Spice up things a little by wearing this idea of medium length haircuts with a black mask. This will have you looking like a cute kitty cut, especially if you have round eyes.

4. A-Line Tousled Bob

This can also be termed an angled bob. The hair at the front is longer than the hair at the back along the bob line.

The tousled look is achieved by getting distinct layers that have a bit of thinned tips. It is the perfect option if your hair is wavy and straight.

5. A Soft Blunt Wavy Bob

This idea is so natural if your hair is wavy and thick in volume. This haircut features hair that is about an inch below the chin, and because of the extra volume, your hair appears really full.

It is easy maintenance as you can simply run your hands through the hair and use some little texturizing spray, and you are set to leave. The texturizing spray is useful to make the hair develop some extra volume.

6. Messy Bob With Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs should be your number-one friend if your hairline goes all the way to your forehead and you want to hide it a little bit.

The bob is left to fall free and messy with several flyaways which makes this idea outstanding. You do not have to go for a neat look with this idea of medium length haircuts, making it easy maintenance.

7. Cute Bob With Curtain Bangs

If you want to get the hair out of your way you can try a short bob with curtain bangs. This is the ideal option if you want to get a minimal styling haircut since you can either decide to get the hair neat or leave it messy for your bad hair days.

8. A Textured Lob

This is the typical lob where the hair is left in its natural texture and volume.

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