McBroken Com (Feb 2022) Is The Ice Cream Machine Broken?

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By Marifilmines Team

Are you finding the purpose behind the creation of McBroken com? If you are unaware of this question, then move towards this write-up at the earliest.

Do you desire to experience the real-time availability of McDonald’s machines within parts of the United States? Then, study its complete details in this post.

McDonald’s is one of the best fast food firms that sell different delicious items. In addition, it serves items to the customers depending on the location, meaning the food menus vary from country to country.

So, in this article, we will inform you about a site that helped many McDonald’s lovers. Therefore, read this article on McBroken com to know more clues.

Briefing The Portal

While getting into reliable sources, we realized that this website tracks McDonald’s ice-cream machines to make people aware of their availability in real-time. Moreover, it was launched on the 22nd of October, 2020.

At the time of writing, we saw that 10.54% of machines are recently broken. According to our analysis, the site has had thousands of visitors since its creation.

So, if you are craving to know more about the site, then kindly read the information that we have mentioned below.

Important Details Of McBroken com

  • You will see numerous dots on the United States map when you open the site.
  • The green dots represent locations with working ice-cream machines. At the same time, the red dots display its unavailability.
  • You will observe the statistical data in percentage for accurate details.

Now, let us find who created this portal and why in the coming sections.

Who Created It?

We found that Rashiq Zahid, a software engineer, is its founder who had created it to ease the McDonald fan’s research for their ice-creams. But, you might wonder why he had suddenly created McBroken com? So, your answer lies in the next paragraph.

Reasons For Its Creation

We discovered threads of his interview and found that on one summer day, he was trying to order a McSundae. But, he could not do so, and this scenario impacted him much. Later on, he created a bot and an API that helped him estimate the machine’s status in different locations.

Therefore, to find its accuracy, he roamed around about 1500 McDonald’s branches to see its accuracy. He finally constructed the website McBroken com, with unique features when he received positive feedback.

What Are Consumers’ Thoughts?

Earlier, the website crashed due to its popularity, but later on, it improved. Besides, we spotted numerous warm public reactions to this website on a conversion website where some stated that it’s a great idea.

However, we encountered a user’s reaction stating that most McDonald’s ice-cream machines were dirty and not broken.

The Bottom Line

This writing evaluated the necessary details of a website created by a software engineer, Rashiq Zahid. Moreover, our investigation of the topic revealed that through McBroken com, the customers could observe the status of McDonald’s ice-cream machines. Also, we provided the website’s essential details to know it deeply.

However, after discovering a discussion site, we saw people admiring the website.

Do you like If you have any updated details, kindly write them in the comment section.

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