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This post on Matt King Death Meow Wolf will guide you through the life of Matt King and what led to his death. 

Have you heard about the prodigy Matt King, the co-founder of Meow Wolf’s Immersive Art Experience? He died at the age of 37 on July 9, 2022. 

He committed suicide. His death was an outcome of his treatment for anxiety attacks and a troubled emotional health. This year, his exhibits have drawn about 1.5 million visitors in Sante Fe, Denver, United States

Please read further about the Matt King Death Meow Wolf and how people are coping now. 

What led to the death of Matt King? 

Born on September 6, 1984, Mathew Warren King grew up in Arlington, Texas. Randy King, his father, owned an auto-transmission shop. His father was the one who gave him the freedom to decorate his room as he wanted. Matt started decorating his room with painted spaghetti and tossing it on the wall. Since childhood, he was the one to take on creative and artistic projects and looked forward to any opportunities that came his way. Matt found a home in Meow Wolf. Matt King Cause of Death Meow Wolf was the case because Matt’s designs and artistic experience gave the company an edge over the others. His death was caused by him committing suicide due to his perturbed psychological health.  

In his early life, he did not feel like college was for him, so he could muddle through to make a living by delivering food, doing a little artwork for galleries and eventually the landscaping work that kept him alive. His origins in the Meow Wolf started from creating artwork from the dumpsters and work which people considered irrelevant. Thus, firing his creative juices. 

How Did Matt King Die Meow Wolf?

A recurring theme in Matt’s life was trauma and instability. He had seen some very bad days but always looked forward to having a life without all the trauma and hardships. He found that in Meow Wolf, but it could not last long. Even when he was promoted to vice president of the creative venture, he did not find the satisfaction he intended. He was afraid to get any help or assistance . He was not ready to face his demons and woefully took his own life on July 9, 2022. Matt King Meow Wolf Obituary is given by his friends and colleagues who are heartbroken and are still trying to cope. 


In the summation of the essay, one can learn about the life of Matthew Warren King. He was an exceptional and bright kid who knew his calling was art. He was determined to put his ideas to the world. He suffered from anxiety problems and a troubled mind. He wanted help but never dared to follow through on that. He took his own life at the mere age of 37 years. The people close to him are devastated. Suicide Matt King has everybody questioning the meaning of life. 

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