Marystore Reviews {Dec} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

If you are ready to buy winter boots this Christmas, check Marystore Reviews, before making any purchase from this website.

Are you ready to enjoy your Christmas this year? Have you done all the preparations and cleaning at home? If so, It is the best time to buy footwear for Christmas as you will be going through many shopping websites that offer a significant discount. 

However, you need to ensure that you pick the right shopping website to shop for this Christmas. In today’s post, we will help you by giving Marystore Reviews. Marystore’s website sells men’s, women’s, and kid’s footwear and offers a catchy eye discount on all the products. This is why people from the United States and France search most about this website. 

What is Marystore? claims to be a highly authentic online shopping site offering winter boots for men, women, and kids. All the winter boots available on this website seem to be of high quality. Out of all the shoes, many of them are waterproof also and buying them can be a good deal. 

However, the website is not overall impressive. This raises the question- Is Marystore Legit? 

There are some loopholes in the website like the website was registered only a week ago. Also, there are many other dubious websites on the same server. So, let’s dive deeper into the website. 

Specifications of the website : 

  • Url:
  • Domain age: 10 days old from now
  • Products sold: Winter boots for men, women, and kids
  • Payment accepting modes: PayPal and all types of credit and debit cards
  • Refund policy: the refund is possible only if you place it within three days of arrival. 
  • Return policy: return is accepted only if the product received is damaged or worn out.
  • Reviews: No Marystore Reviews available
  • Cancellation process: order cancellation takes place only within the 6 hours of receiving the product. 
  • Shipping time- 14-25 days, depending on where the product is delivered. 
  • Email:
  • Contact number: not available

Positive highlights of using the website

  • The website is offering a refund.
  • High-quality winter boots are available. 
  • A heavy discount is available on Winter boots in all the categories.

Negative highlights of using : 

  • The Alexa ranking of this website is not satisfactory. 
  • The identity of the owner of this website is not revealed.
  • Lack of Marystore Reviews online. 
  • The content written on this website is not appropriate.
  • The mode of contact is only an email. 
  • Suspicious server
  • The refund and return policy is not up to the mark
  • Shipping time is high

Considering the positive and negative highlights, we can say that the cons of this website are overshadowing the pros. In this case, the next important thing is to check the legitimacy by considering some critical checkpoints. 

Is Marystore Legit? 

The legitimacy of a website is not easy to check. There are a lot of points that are needed to analyze before coming to a verdict. Talking about this website, it sells only one category of product which is not a good sign. However, on the other hand, it offers a discount of upto 70% off. It means this website is enticing customers to buy from here. 

Hence, it is vital to read the legitimacy checkpoints before ordering anything. 

  • The website was created on 3rd December 2021. The website is not active on social media
  • Alexa ranking of this website is highly disappointing
  • Content written on the website is grammatically incorrect.
  • The server on which the website is running is suspicious.
  • No Reviews found on the products on the official website.
  • Trust score is just 1%.

What are the Marystore Reviews? 

Any website which is only a 10 days old website cannot be trusted on any ground. Also, it is not easy to get reviews in 10 days because the delivery time taken by the website is 14 to 25 days. 

So, even if anyone ordered the product, they must be waiting to get it. This is why much cannot be said about the reviews

You can find out how to avail of a refund in case of a  PayPal scam.

Final Insight

Now it’s time to decide whether you should go for anything from this website. According to our in-depth analysis, not only is this website new but also suspicious. Also, we were not able to trace Marystore Reviews. 

What are your Christmas shopping plans for this year? Let us know your valuable opinion in the comment section. 

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24 thoughts on “Marystore Reviews {Dec} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?”

  1. My boots are not worth the $59. That I paid. They look and feel like they came from a dollar store. They are even to cheap of quality to be sold at Walmart. I wanted them to be my winter work boots for a couple of years but I can tell they won’t even last the rest of this winter.

    • Hello Valerie Loveland, feel so sad, you did not receive the order as per your wish. They showcase good ones on the website and actual products are different. This is one way for scammers to cheat. Did you check if they hold any exchange policy? Let us know. Thanks. Take care.

      • Hi Marifilmines Team, like Valerie Loveland above, I received vastly overpriced low quality footwear from Marystore. I’ve contacted them for a return and refund and have yet to hear back – however, their return policy is so extremely tight (i.e. contact them within 3 days of receipt, pay for return shipping to an address in China, refund given only if the shoes are defective) I very much doubt I’ll get any of my money back. Instead I will proceed with an inquiry at Paypal.

      • I filed a claim against them with PayPal (my payment method for purchase) and PayPal ruled in my favor and gave me a refund. I did not get compliance directly from the company but did get responses only from the messages I sent through the contact form on the Mary store website, not by replying to their emails. Hope you get your money back and they get shut down!

        • Hello Audrey, thanks for the process and guidance. We feel good, you received the refund from PayPal. Buyers you can check for a refund option. Go through the above feedback. Take care. Be aware. Thanks & regards.

  2. DO NOT BUY from! I ordered a pair of boots and the product I received was not the same boots as they have pictured on their website. They were poorly made and poor quality . I was not satisfied with my purchase.

    • Hello Cathy J Horvay, Thanks for the information and suggestion. We feel bad, they earn money and provide low-quality products. Just stay away from them. Try an authentic website and get good products from them. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

    Misrepresentation of item. Boots were horrible & flimsy material & not Thick lining as pictured.
    Very poor quality!

  4. I just got two pairs of boots they stink and the refuse to credit me so I m fighthing this m credit card. This is garbage.

  5. This is a awful company! The boots did not fit and were extremely cheaply made. I asked for a refund and was denied. I sent pictures as they asked for where you could clearly see they didn’t fit. The only positive is the email communication was quick. Do not buy from this company!!

    • Hi Lynette Larson, How are you? Let me mention this thing that scam companies always land with fake or waste products. Else they do not send the products at all. Please take this piece of advice and try to get a refund for your order. Do share with us the further progress. Take care.

  6. they scammed me too, the boots I paid for were so poorly made the opening would not allow me to get my foot past the neck of the boot, I asked for a refund and they made me send pictures and then told me not to send them back ( in my opinion because they are a piece of shit) to to pick out another pair and they would send those , so I tried that but then they wanted me to pay for shipping again of 15 dollars, I refused and asked for my money back and they never responded. Spread the word this place is bad news and is ripping people off. I lost 51.48 on the “deal”.

  7. Terrible! They are plastic, not leather as stated. Soles are not neoprene but hard plastic. I want to return for my $ back. BUT cannot find how to do that. Any suggestions?

  8. OMG! I just received my boots today and I literally have tears in my eyes. I feel totally violated that I was duped and deceived by this “company “. I am requesting a refund but there is no phone number or any communication other than an email address. This is a total scam! Shame on them!

  9. Same here. Nothing like the picture at all!!!!
    Unable to get them to respond to emails once I said I was having payment reversed.
    Total scam!!!

  10. Yes, exact same issue. Boots shipped were horrible, flimsy, very cheaply made with fake leather and synthetic fur. It is a total scam!! Tried to return and they won’t respond. Appealed to Capital One credit card and they claim we got what was ordered and won’t credit us.
    This website and the owners need to be investigated and scams discontinued.


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