Mark Rober Scam {May 2022} Read To Find The Reveal!

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This news article is based on information related to Mark Rober Scam and how he dealt with phone call scammers.

Are you a crazy geek about Youtube? Which Youtuber do you follow or like the most? Also, do you watch videos on tech and ethical hacking? If yes, then you must be a subscriber of Mark Rober. Do you know the current updates by Mark Rober on his Youtube channel? If you need to know it, you are at the perfect spot.

People all over the United States are curious to know about the latest update on scam detection by Mark Rober. Here, in this article, we will provide detailed information on the Mark Rober Scam. Stay tuned till the end not to miss any point.

Mark Rober disclosed details of the Scam.

Another Youtube video by Mark Rober where he has explained how he put a halt at a mobile scam center. The American Youtuber used cockroaches and his special glitter bombs.

It’s been a year since Rober tried to locate the location of the headquarters that are working behind the fraudulent activities. Lastly, his research came to a successful ending. A truecaller revelation came up that stated nearly $30 million of scams from the USA.

An in-depth view of the Mark Rober Scam

  • Mark Rober has a team of smart people that supported him in locating four scam call centers. Other Youtube channels like Media Trilogy and Tech Support Scams were also a part of this mission.
  • The Media Trilogy team from the United States flew to India. For searching a scam call center that was situated in Kolkata. Rober’s glitter bomb package was an initial essence in this mission.
  • Another clue discovered during the findings was that the mission agents found bathroom soaps where the boss’s name was written. 

Why is the Mark Rober Scam trending?

Mobile phone scams are increasing every hour; a group of people makes fake calls to rob money. Meanwhile, they might coin it as ethical service providing, but it is a complete scam in reality. That’s where technical geeks like Mark Rober come into action. Rober, alongwith his other Youtube teams, called off for a mission to find and shut down scam call centers. He used his special ‘glitter bombs’ package and cockroaches to shut the phone call scam centers.  

Extra information 

There were several security issues in texting messages and shooting the Trilogy’s Art. But despite all such problems, the Mark Rober Scam mission was on. The CCTV system and operators gave a great helping hand. The entire event got captured and published on Mark Rober’s Youtube channel. 

Due to such practice by Mark Roger and his agents, the scam offices were shut down. These offices were majorly located in Kolkata. Also, the Law enforcement authorities are soon about to enact a raid on these offices. 

Note: All the information shared here is a part of internet research.

Final Verdict

After going to a detailed discussion on the Scam detection by Mark Rober on the Mark Rober Scam, we can conclude that everyone needs to stay alert and should not fall for such phone call scams. 

Have you ever heard of any phone call scam? What should be the punishment for such acts by fraudulent workers? Let us know your views and suggestions in the comment section below. For more information on Scam detection by Mark Rober, click here 

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