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Marie Marcele Reviews {March 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Marie Marcele Online Website Reviews

The post will help you to know Marie Marcele Reviews and will give you all the necessary details regarding this store.

There are over thousands of online sites which deal in clothing items and other accessories. One such online store in the United States which is run by three brave women. If you guessed Marie Marcele, then you are absolutely on the right path. This website has amazing stuff which could impress you at one sight.

Marie Marcele Reviews are important to be kept in mind before you get caught by such fascinating products. If you want to learn more about this website, you must read this article and can clear all your interrogations.

Brief of is an amazing online store where you can shop unlimited dresses, accessories, and much more stuff. You can get the party ready instantly. You get multiple options of dresses and other items and can’t get disappointed with the varieties they have. They have:

  • Handbags
  • Italian Vacation Collection
  • Jackets, dresses, tops, activewear. 
  • Jumpsuits, bottoms
  • Home decor

We know you might be curious to know: Is Marie Marcele Legit? And we will surely answer all your doubts, but before that, we will tell you about the features, pros, and cons of this site, so that you can clear your mind regarding their positive and negative sides. So let’s move ahead and discuss all these details.

Features of Marie Marcele

  • Get Italian Vacation Collection from
  • Location of the company: 200 NW Broad Street Southern Pines NC 28387
  • Contact details: 910-639-9036
  • Email address details: [email protected] 
  • You can claim store credit within ten days of your purchase date if you are not satisfied.
  • There are Marie Marcele Reviews found on the social platform of this site.
  • Shipment policy:
  • $8 for ground shipping that is 3-5 working days.
  • $16 for priority shipping that is 2-3 working days.
  • You can pay through Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express for your purchase.

Positive Highlights

  • Email, location, and contact details were found.
  • An in-store pickup facility is available along with local delivery.
  • Pages on social media were found, and some good reviews were also available.
  • Https protocol is also found.

Negative Highlights

  • No opinion of customers found on websites collection available.
  • Imperfect and least convincing format of this site.

Is Marie Marcele Legit? 

The waiting hours have to come to an end. We have discussed the features, negative and positive points of this site. But you all might be waiting for us to share the legitimacy details of this site. So, we are now sharing all the legitimacy details which you must read. So, please don’t skip this section as it is one of the most important sections. Here are the details:

  • Creation of Domain: January 26, 2018, is the registration date of this site.
  • Trustworthiness: the trust score is above the average that is 80%
  • Buyer’s feedback: There are no Marie Marcele Reviews found on the collection shown on this site.
  • Data Safety: secure transmission of data and information through Https.
  • Social relations: there are pages found on Instagram and Facebook, and there are good reviews available on the Facebook platform.
  • Owner’s details: Store run by three ladies who are mother and daughters. Matriarch Jacqueline is the lady who starts up this boutique.
  • Privacy Policy: relevant privacy policies found on the layout of the site.

This website has lots of good points to be considered which make the buyers shop from this site. Also, the information found is correct, which indicates that people can rely on the website.

Marie Marcele Reviews

There is much information like email, location, and contact details were found as per our research. Also, we found pages on social media with good and positive reviews on Facebook like people visited their store and found the product awesome and adorable, which is a good point to be considered. They got 4.6/5 ratings on Facebook, which means customers loved the site. But no feedback was available on the goods shown on the layout of this site. It got good popularity as per Alexa Rank, and many customers visited the site.

For credit card scams, please check this post.

Final Summary

Based on Marie Marcele Reviews, this website got a good trust score as well as the domain has a good life expectancy of more than two years which is a really good point to be considered. Also, the owner of this site is known and mentioned on the website. You can trust this site partially. More details regarding products can be viewed on this link. 

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    1. Hello Tameka N/A Nash, We feel good you inquired about a product. It is highly advisable, please check twice if you feel doubtful. It will take some time, but assure and then proceed. Check any reviews if you find them. Please update us. It will spread awareness amongst the buyers and save money.

    2. My question if there is a scam site using the same name show do you know if you’re ordering from the legit company what distinctions does the real site have from the legit site? I was about to order but now I won’t. What are the price range I should be expecting to may on the real site for example the LV Glamorous handbag

    3. What amazes me is this is the scam site. LOOK AT THE RESPONSES. Pure gibberish. English speaking Americans do not respond as these scammers have. Save your money.

    1. Hello Federico Rodriguez, Happy to see such inquiry messages. One of the individuals has dropped the same query, but no reply from anyone. So please wait, check if someone updates any information about the product, and then carry on. If you find any updates, please send us the update. This will help others to track. Take care.

  1. Is this place a scam. paid 269.00 for a louis vuitton. tried to get a hold of them for a month ….no way to talk to a real person and emails have been ignored? very shady to me. my money has been taken out of my account a month ago. !!! 269.00 is nothing for a L.V. but it was a very small bag. Not at all happy with this scam of a company. unless I hear within the next 3 days I will be filing a claim with the BBB. Whom my husband belongs to as a broker and tax attorney for the surrounding counties in Austin Texas. DONE!!!!! If they want to dispute good luck…..

  2. Hello,
    I have the same query about the Louis Vuitton bags that are advertised for about $300. Can’t believe that. Would love to buy it. Is this legit/ real LV?

  3. I purchased one of those Louis Vuitton purses and as good as it look it’s NOT the authentic LV purse I ended up going to the actual LV store and purchased a purse for my wife.. I’ve sent an email to get my refund but have yet to hear from them. Possible scam?? Have yet to see.. I want my money back!

    1. Hi Sergio, did the purse you bought on this site look real? these are all obviously fake bags but they are $300 ish because they appear to be really good copies of the real bags. Did it look real? or was it a bad fake?

  4. I just got my LV bag they are fake. Save your money. I personally own 2 real LV and they don’t even look close to the real thing.

  5. hello!

    this is the REAL owner of the REAL Marie & Marcele Boutique located in NC. That picture above is of my mom and i. Unfortunately, we have NO AFFLIATION with THE Marie & Marcele that is attempting to sell LV Handbags and other designer goods. Its a CHINA Based Scam website that stole our business name. When people search the marie and marcele, then our legimate business pops up. PLEASE do not buy these bags, or if you do, do not assume it us. WE HAVE ZERO to do with it, and do not sell counterfeit goods!!!! We have been dealing with this issue since feb 2020, and have tried to get it shut down, including submitting to the FBI.

    1. Hello Crystal Eads, thanks for the valuable information. It is good, you have put on view. Buyers, go through the above review, and please stay away from them. Your message will help all the buyers to save their money. Please drop the message, if you get any updates. Take care. Thanks & regards.

  6. Thankful to have stumbled upon this review, prior to any purchase! I was looking for a “look alike” LV, when I found this. As an owner of a couple authentic LV bags, I can say that anytime someone is selling a LV bag for this steep of a discounted price, said product isn’t authentic. However, I still enjoy the look-alike bags to carry on trips, etc. On another note, I became EXTREMELY SKEPTICAL of TheMarieMarcele when I began seeing the multitude of errors in verbiage on their site! Then to see they essentially hijacked the name of a seemingly reputable small business??! Shameful thing to do!
    Thank you for having thie information posted for us unsuspecting consumers!

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