Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie {Aug} Find What Happened

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Are you interested in reading novels or writing? Do you know the famous novelist Salman Rushdie? Do you know about the latest matter going around to him? Do you know that a fatwa was placed on him by Ayatollah Khomeini? 

Do you know that ayatollah was an Iranian leader? Do you know or read his latest novel satanic verses in which it happens? Do you know that this news was coming widely from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, India and France? Read this article on Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie till the end.

What happens to Salman Rushdie?

Salman Rushdie was a famous novelist of the 20th century. As per online sources, he was hurt in torso and neck while he was giving his lecture in New York, it was stated that he was hurt so badly in the liver so, his liver got damaged and his arm was severely hurt, he was in a severe condition and on ventilator but it was said that he will recover from it. A fatwa was placed on him due to the satanic verses, which was a global controversy, this is all stated online.

Marianne Wiggins was a writer, and his wife was said to be shaky; according to online sources, in august, Marianne made an announcement stating that she and Salman were living apart for four weeks as the couple had a stressful life. He has published many books which received awards. 

What was in the novel?

According to some online news, the book was hurting religious beliefs as the book portrayed the prophet Mohammad’s fictional version. The Quran has not been interpreted as it should have, which caused the Muslim community to offend. Ultimately it led to the placement of a fatwa on Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie by ayatollah Khomeini on his side. Salman says that the book has no controversial texts against Islam. Only some texts are taken from it.

This novel, published about three decades ago, has always been part of controversy for many years as people get angry worldwide. He has to face many threats, and attacks as the Muslim community gets angry over him for some texts he had written. In his novel, hurting their sentiments, he has to hide for many years for his safety and now he was hurted badly which cause him life threatening moment.

Who was Elizabeth west Salman Rushdie?

Elizabeth west is said to be the third wife of Salman Rushdie, she is said to be 53 years old, but the actual date has not been mentioned yet. Elizabeth has a son named Milan Rushdie, who is said to be 23 years old; 

Note: We have written all this from an online source, and all the information provided here is based on online research. It’s not meant to hurt anyone.


As per online source, Salman was hurt badly in the liver and neck while delivering a speech he was in a bad state but recoverable Marianne Wiggins Salman Rushdie have been into controversy due to his novel, which hurt Muslim community sentiments due to which a fatwa was placed against him due to which he had to hide for certain years. Click this for more information.

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