Maori Week Language 2022: What Does Te Reo Means? How To Say Have A Happy And Great Day In This Dailect? Want To Play The Quiz On This Topic?

In this write-up, we’ve mentioned all the details of Maori Week Language 2022.

How many languages can you speak? Do you know that a person who speaks more than five languages is called a polyglot? Language, indeed, is the bridge that connects people in and around the world. Yet, English remains the most common and official language with millions of speakers.

New Zealand, Australia both the countries have a considerable population who speak a native language known as Maori. Keep reading to understand what Maori Week Language 2022 is.

What is Maori?

New Zealand’s indigenous Polynesian people speak the Maori language. In the 2018 census, more than seven lakh people were identified as Maori in New Zealand and are the second largest ethnic group.

Also known as Te Reo Maori or Te Reo, Maori Language Week is celebrated annually in the third week of September. This year, it will happen from 12-18th September. The initiative is called ‘Te Wiki o te Reo Māori’.

More on Te Reo Maori Week

The government-sponsored initiative will center around public awareness of the language’s revitalization, shared usage and learning. 14 September is regarded as Maori Language Day. 

Through this effort, New Zealand people got inspired to speak the Maori language with pride. Also, people are encouraged to use and learn Maori and experience the rich cultural legacy. Throughout the country, events will be held to mark this week especially in New Zealand. Happy Maori Language Week in Maori and to Maori natives.

History of Maori

Since the 1987 Maori Language Act, Maori has become one of the two official languages used in New Zealand. English is the other second language and is regarded as the predominant one.

Concerned with the decline of Maori Language, in the early 1970s, many people signed a petition to the parliament on 14 September 1972. As a result, this day came to be regarded as Maori Language Day. Maori Language Week Quiz and other events are organized to commemorate the week. In addition, a Maori version of Google was launched in 2008.

In 2015, to mark the celebration of Maori Week, the national cricket team of New Zealand played under the name Aotearoa (another name of New Zealand). In 2016, the ‘Moana’ movie was adapted into Maori Language and to celebrate in 2017; it premiered in Auckland.

Soon this year, Maori Language Week will begin, and we hope you Have a Great Day in Maori. Last year, we witnessed the moment when more than 1.1 million people used Maori simultaneously. The event is known as Māori Language Moment (Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori)

Final Verdict 

Summing up, we can say that the week celebrated to uplift the legacy of the Maori Language and Maori natives will be held from 12 September. The day will be honoured through events. This remarkable initiative will allow people to learn and acknowledge the Maori culture and language. Happy Maori Language Week to all the people. Click this Wikipedia link to learn more about Maori

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