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Manga Hero Boku No 329 {Oct 2021} Complete Information!

Gaming Tips Manga Hero Boku No 329
Gaming Tips Manga Hero Boku No 329

In this news article, you will find all the information related to spoilers of Manga Hero Boku No 329 chapter and its release date.

There are many youngsters Worldwide, being a big fan of my Hero academia’s most popular anime show. The recent news was three days back. The new chapter introduces the international Hero. So fans who are still unaware want to know when this new chapter will released.

Thus, this post is based upon the Manga Hero Boku No 329 chapter. The chapter is going to be released on the 10th of October 2021. The chapter displays an additional lead character who appears like a gender bender all might. 

So, this chapter is something worth knowing to the fans who were waiting. Read the insightful details of this chapter below.

About Boku No 329 Chapter

The chapter revolves around Deku’s time for rest well. This chapter displays what’s happening on the outside boundary of Deku. He takes the required rest before returning to a field again. He’s going to have additional information. 

Furthermore, he gets introduced to some new heroes who are going to work with him. This is the beginning of Manga Hero Boku No 329.

The stain character keeps proving despite being a person against order and law treading, despite being the frenzied killer, the man Chizome Akaguro is a good person and not an insane one.

Chizome Akaguro is a fiercely dedicated person. He believes in implementing radical methods to make society better—Deku is a realistic off for some time. However, Dabi shows its presence in the scene.

MHA 329 chapter shows international Heroes who are dispatched. A lot of them feel compelled because all might need help.

Manga Hero Boku No 329 Spoilers

Here’s the list of spoilers for my Hero academia chapter 329:

  • The title “The west comes in at the last second.”
  • Shigaraki character is back
  • Stripe and Star faces Shigaraki 
  • They ask if Shigaraki knows about all for one character 
  • The chapters begin with the scene display the villain sitting over the throne, which Domus surround
  • The Villain has the contact of every villain worldwide 
  • The villain is ready to steal the magic/ Quirks

These were the spoilers list of Manga Hero Boku No 329 chapter.

When Is Chapter 329 Of MHA Releasing?

The chapter is officially going to be released as usual this coming Sunday. The raw scans will be made available on 6th October 2021 in the magazine Shonen Jump.

The chapter is expected to be released in English on the 9th of October. However, the official site is uncovering chapter’s details on Sunday, October 10th, 2021. You can read the chapter title on the viz website, Manga plus and the app shonen jump.


The Manga Hero Boku No 329 is from the anime show named My Hero Academia 

Chapter 329 is expected to be released on official websites such as viz media and Manga plus on 10th October 2021. This page reveals the spoilers of this new chapter.

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