Malekith Elden Ring {March 2022} Where to Find It?

This article aims to give you detailed knowledge and information about the Malekith Elden Ring so that you can achieve powerful weapons.

Are you interested in a highly royal dark fiction activity role-playing game? Do you like to play the Elden Ring frequently? If so, you must be drooling over one powerful character which is trending Worldwide

You got it right, and we are discussing Malekith’s raven dagger, one of the influential chiefs. This might be impossible to defeat for you, but overthrowing it will amass you a premium of runes. If you’re also interested in Malekith Elden Ring, continue reading this article-

About the Malekith Black Blade-

Malekith, The Black Blade, is a leader in the Elden Ring. Malekith is established in Crumbling Farum Azula. And, this is not an elective boss as performers must overthrow it to progress to enter Lyndell, Ashen Capital. 

It is one demanding compulsory boss you’ll wish to punch in the tale of Elden Ring. It can be one particularly violent opponent to argue with. So, we would utilize some co-operation for the thorough and hard battle forward.

Where to Find Malekith Elden Ring and With What Preparations? 

The exact location of Malekith is in the Crumbling Farum Azula. This is a legendary type of boss which isn’t discretionary. Multiplayer is allowed for him, and courage ashes can be convened for this boss.

Additionally, there are some practices expected to face him. Instead of going upright towards the boss gate, head down the aviation of notches and step across the walkway. And proceed to advancement until you see a lengthy bridge to battle and eradicate the adversaries.

How to Beat Malekith? 

The Malekith Elden Ring boss is vulnerable to chill destruction. So, the hoarfrost stomp ash of battle works an ultimate delight for demolishing its temperament. There are some strategies also to beat him, which are stated below-

  • It is a two-dimension battle where Malekith pleases Beast Clergyman before transforming. Only a few dodgy assaults are expected to destroy this one. 
  • After that, when he attains 60% existence, the much more impossible Malekith comes out. 
  • It will assault with three to four-hit uproar combos. After 3-4 battle assaults, this will go for an enormous melee crack. 
  • You better try not to take so much time to recover. And, be extra careful when Malekith Elden Ring stabs his dagger into the floor as he is readying to do one of two significant AoE invasions.
  • The recommended weapons to defeat him encompass anything which builds bleeding. The most trustworthy one is Blasphemous Blade. But, whichever weapon you select should be boosted to its ultimate degree. 

Why is this Trending? 

Malekith is trending because of players’ rewards after defeating him. After a successful beating of him, one can get numerous runes that can be whirled into obtaining an influential chief projectile.


As a final verdict, Malekith Elden Ring is known as Malekith Black Blade, for which extra tips and strategies are required to beat him. He is a massive and compulsory boss. We have gathered all the tips and tricks for you to beat him based on the internet’s investigation. 

Moreover, to know more about it, click here. Who’s Impossible to Beat in the Elden Ring According to You? Please Comment. 

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