Makeeasygreen Legit {Nov 2022} Read Reviews, How It Works!

In this post, we have discussed an easy online money earning website called Make Easy Green and whether Makeeasygreen Legit or not.

Are you looking for sites to earn income? Do you want to know whether such easy money websites are a scam or not? If so, tune into this post.

A new earn money website named Make Easy Green is creating quite a buzz, and many people in the United States want to know more about it. So, in this post, we will discuss Makeeasygreen Legit.

About the Make Easy Green site?

Make Easy Green is an online earning platform that allows people to earn easy cash through their website. The website operates throughout the world. The site provides various online tasks to their users that they need to complete in order to earn money. These tasks generally do not require any specific skill or knowledge. 

Users can also make money on the Make Easy Green site by referring their friends to sign up for their site using the user referral link. Each person who joins money using user’s referral link will earn $15 per sign up. 

Before learning Makeeasygreen Legit, let us know how it works.

How Does Make Easy Green work?

According to the site, users need to sign up to the site to get a $100 bonus. There are two ways how users can generate income:

  • Earn $2 for every click on ads.
  • Earn $15 for every sign up through the referral link.

The site gives major red flags. It’s very unlikely to get $100 just for signing up. Then the $15 users get for each signing up using their referrable link also makes us sceptical over the site. Giving out such an amount as bonus and referral money is a red flag. 

Is Makeeasygreen Legit?

There are many determinants used to examine the legitimacy of such online money earning websites. Some of the major determinants are discussed below:

  • Domain Age – Make Easy Green site domain was registered on 9th October 2020, which means the site is just 1 year, 1 month and 19 days old. Thus, the site is quite new.
  • Global Alexa Ranking – The online earning platform is ranked zero on the Global Alexa Ranking. 
  • Trust Score – The trust score of the Make Easy Green domain is 45%, which is lower than usual. 
  • Official Company Address – There are no addresses listed on the site, which makes us question whether Makeeasygreen Legit or not.
  • Contact Info – Make Easy Green website also has no contact information. 
  • Social Media Presence – The earning platform has no social media presence. The site talks about how it will make users earn money through social media, but the company itself is not active on social media, which is very suspicious.
  • Consumer Feedback – There are some testimonials on the site, but those seem fake.


Make Easy Green is a potential scam as everything related to the site is doubtful. There low trust score, no contact info and zero social media presence. And their offers seem far from real.Read comments on  this Reddit page to know more.

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21 thoughts on “Makeeasygreen Legit {Nov 2022} Read Reviews, How It Works!”

  1. Hello everyone! My sister and I did it and they said our payout was suppose to be today. We haven’t received anything at all today. 1-20-22 and yes I’m thinking it’s a scam.. we won’t be doing this again.

    • Hello Latesha Burnett, thanks for the update. We feel sad, as the buyers need to suffer and struggle to get the updates. Please stay aware and alert. These are the stunts they use and earn money without any hard work. Drop the comments here. Take care. Regards.

  2. This website is a 100% scam. Don’t bother wasting your time. Completed all tasks and referrals. Cashed out via cash app, said it would be available Feb 20. It was complete bullshit. I already knew it was looking too sketchy but I just went with anyways because hey! Who wouldn’t want easy money. Now on Feb 27. I see that the payment that was sent out to me was “cancelled” because they suspected my account of “fraud”. These people are a waste of time. They are just looking for people to promote their fake page.

  3. I don’t know what any of y’all are talking about I bet you have these reviews are fake. I just got $886. i stacked up 10 referrals and did all five tasks they actually gave me $50 for every referral instead of 15. so that was months ago, ehhhh i think they pick and choose who they wanna payout, i stayed on the site for a few days and kept going at it. maybe they don’t wanna send you money because they can see that you’re just doing it really quick to get the free cash. The website sells user data that’s the whole point they’re paying us a little bit of pocket money another turn around flipping our data for thousands and thousands of dollars. It’s not a scam it’s real. You just have to believe. And be patient.


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