The 3 Important Things To Keep Maintained On Your Car

When you own a car, the goal is to keep it as long as possible so you don’t have to replace it with a new or leased car that will cost you money. If you can extend the life of your car well past the last loan payment then you can keep yourself financially free. The best way to go about extending the life of your car is to keep it maintained. 

A car should be able to last decades but it requires keeping up with things and making sure parts are replaced on time. The best car battery only lasts a certain amount of time, for instance. In this article, we will cover some of the most important things to keep maintained on your car so it lasts a long time. 

1 – The timing belt

One of the most ignored auto parts is also one of the most important. The timing belt is the glue that keeps everything running properly. It is literally a belt that connects the various components of the engine working on time. When the timing belt gets damaged and breaks, it affects the entire engine. 

The problem is that the timing belt is made out of rubber and wears down over time. Every car model has a certain time frame in which the timing belt needs to be changed since it will wear out after that point and will eventually break. When it breaks, the engine can end up seizing and the entire thing will need to be replaced. 

Check your owner’s manual to see when your timing belt needs to be changed. Put it on a calendar reminder so you can have it changed once you hit the mileage it recommends for replacing it. 

2 – The brakes

If you don’t pay attention to the brakes then you are not only putting yourself and others in danger, but you are also creating a more expensive repair down the line. The brake pads work by rubbing against the disc which causes friction so the car stops. The pads are made out of graphite which is relatively soft and wears down quickly. 

When the pads wear down then the caliper will poke through and end up grinding down the discs. When you replace the pads the repair is not very expensive. When you have to replace the pads, caliper, and discs it ends up costing hundreds more. 

3 – Oil and filters

Changing the oil is a simple and fast operation that is more important than it seems. Fresh oil and a new oil filter will maintain a certain level of lubrication on the engine parts that they need to stay in optimal condition. When the oil gets old and the filter is full, the oil can’t lubricate and the parts start getting worn.

This is when things start going badly for your car and its life gets seriously shortened. Parts need to be replaced and the expenses mount. Take the time to change your oil according to the owner’s manual

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