Macys NFT Giveaway {Dec 2021} Curious to Know, Go Ahead!

Macys NFT Giveaway has most of the information related to the NFT launch by Macy retail on the 95th Thanksgiving Day annual parade.

The retail giant Macy Inc of the United States has decided to take a plunge in the non-fungible token market with a slightly different approach. This step by Macy will open doors to many more business establishments looking for ways to enter the NFT market.

The largest retail store in the country plans to launch NFT in two phases, and it has partnered with Sweet, a New York-based NFT marketplace, to sell its token. To know more about this story, read Macys NFT Giveaway write-up till the end.

About Macy Retail:

Macy is one of the largest retail chains in America and was founded by Rowland Macy in 1858. It changed its owner and style since its inception but never compromised on the value and quality of its product.

These features have allowed it to grow in value and sales, and at present, it is the largest department store in terms of sales. There are around 600 physical stores run by the company employing 130,000 people.

Thanksgiving Day is an annual function of the company conducted on 26th November of every year in New York. 

Macys NFT Giveaway:

Macy has conducted the Thanksgiving Day parade since 1924, and it is celebrating its 95th annual event this year. The company has decided to make digital collectibles of items related to Thanksgiving Day and has auctioned the first 10 NFT for sale.

The auction for the first 10 NFT has started on 20th November and will end on the 30th of the month. These collectibles are balloons that have been used in different annual day parades through the years. The Thanksgiving Day parade of Macy has a special place in the life of citizens as they watch it live on different platforms.

How to Bid for Macys NFT Giveaway?

These 10 NFTs of balloons are open for bidding till 30th November, and the interested bidder can put their bid for respective collectibles on Sweet marketplace. 

Sweet is a New York-based NFT platform that sells digital assets and is also user-friendly, allowing easy purchase and sale of the token. The current bidding price and website address of Sweet marketplace are given below.

  • – website address of marketplace.
  • Tiptoe 2020 – current highest bid price $8900
  • Elf 2000 – highest bid price $ 10800
  • Happy dragon 1960 – $29000
  • Toy Soldier 1920 – $12000

There are 9500 free Macys NFT Giveaway by the company on 26th November the Thanksgiving Day. These digital assets are also from the annual day parade function and will be given free on a first-come basis.

Final verdict: 

People should not miss the chance of getting free NFT on the annual day parade as $10,000 will be won by one generative NFT holder. All the money from the sale of 10 collectibles on Sweet will go to the Make-A-Wish charity of the company.

Macy has shown the way to other businesses in tapping the Macys NFT Giveaway market. 

To get more details about the NFT collection for charity, click here  

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