Macolas Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This A Scam Online Site?

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Do you want to know what this website – Macolas is offering to the customers? Are you also interested in learning about its legitimacy? Then stay tuned with us. 

When you normally go to a shop to buy any product, you thoroughly check if the product is of good quality or a cheap one. Similarly, when you do online shopping, you have to check the website’s authenticity.

Macolas is an e-commerce that offers mini heavy hydraulic machinery, loaders, and bulldozers. It is also recently searched by most of the people of the United States. Please note that initially the website was offering Hydraulic Machinery but now the whole layout is changed and it is offering jewelry items. 

So, next, we will provide you with the complete information regarding the Macolas Reviews.

About Macolas Website

As discussed earlier, Macolas is an online site that deals in miniature bulldozers, loaders, and hydraulic machinery. But, now after the change of the items range, it offers jewelry items. This website has claimed that they are known for their trustworthy quality and reliable service. They also give free shipping on orders over $49.99. 

So, next, we will discuss the key elements of this website, which will help you get to know more about this website and help you judge whether Is Macolas Legit.

Specifications of the Website

  • Website Creation Date– It was created on 08/11/2021, only a few days old.
  • Domain link-
  • Payment Forms- The accepted forms are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa electron, JCB, Discover, etc.
  • Shopping Policy- There are three shipping methods free shipping, standard shipping and express shipping.
  • Shipping Timing- Shipping takes 10-20 days to the destinations.
  • Products Offered-mini bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, etc. But now, it is offering jewelry items.
  • Email Id-
  • Physical Address- Not available
  • Contact Number- not given.
  • Social Media – Links present.
  • Return and Refund Policy- The return period is within 30 days. Refund will be processed within 5-7 business days.
  • Exchange Policy- not provided.

Now, we will talk about the Macolas website’s positive and negative points in these Macolas Reviews.

Positive Points of Macolas

  • The website is protected by HTTPS protocol.
  • The newsletter facility is available.
  • Email ID is provided.

Negative Points of Macolas

  • The website was created recently.
  • Doesn’t have any social media account.
  • Contact address and contact number not found.
  • Not a single review is to be found.
  • The domain is linked to one or more countries known for using fraudulent websites.
  • Trust is very low and not up to the mark.

Is Macolas Legit Or Fake?

After going through the above discussions, you now have a fair idea about the website. But there are still some left to be discussed. So, below we will mention some more points.

  • Trust Score: The trust score is only 1% below average and hence poor.
  • Trust Rank: The trust rank is 38.9% which is also not a great rank.
  • Domain Age: The domain is less than six months and was created on 08/11/2021.
  • Domain Expiration Date: To expire on 2022/11/08
  • Alexa Ranking: No results of their Alexa ranking.
  • Policies: The policies are mentioned on the site,
  • Social Media Link: It lacks active social media presence as only the links are provided.
  • Customers Reviews: Macolas Reviews are not found anywhere.
  • Plagiarized content: We have found 93% plagiarized content in the about us section, and the products mentioned in the about us and in the website’s homepage don’t match.
  • Discount: Discounts not given.
  • Physical Address: Doesn’t have an address.

Customers’ Feedback

So, after coming across this website, we know that this website sells mini excavators, mini heavy hydraulic, loaders bulldozers, etc. Also, keep in mind that every online website should possess one important characteristic: the review. Based on the review, a person can judge the site’s legitimacy. 

So, we checked online about this website’s review but didn’t find a single customer review. It seems like this website is not popular, there is no mention of this website online, and their products are not available in the market.

So, judging from the above discussions about the Macolas Reviews, this website’s criteria don’t match a legit website. It lacks all the qualities. And if you have been scammed, please check about the PayPal Scams here.


So, after looking at the points discussed earlier, we can conclude that the Macolas website is a scam website. This website doesn’t possess the characteristics of a legit website. It doesn’t have reviews, social media presence, and popularity. The most important point it lacks transparency. So, it can be deemed as a scam website, which has now changed its interface and the products range to jewelry items now.

But if you want to know more, you are free to ask anything. Also, if you want to know how to get a refund via Credit Card Scams, check here.

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  1. Macolas is a scam I paid for 6 items 3 months ago and have not received anything that I ordered. They keep changing their email contact and never reply to any emails that I have sent to the 3 different addresses they have supplied so far. Don’t waste your money, you will receive nothing that you pay for.


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