Macleod Trail Accident (Nov) Two Dead And One Injured!

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The guide shares details about the road mishap and other information about the Macleod Trail Accident.

A deadly multi-vehicle collision closed the Macleod Trail SE early in the Wednesday evening on 24th Nov 2021. The Calgary local police investigate the dual fatal vehicle case on Macleod Trail between Canyon Meadows Drive and Lake Fraser Drive, resulting in road blockage.

The police confirmed that the road accident took the life of two people, and a person incurred severe injuries following the crash on Macleod Trail, Canada

The fire department extricated the two dead people in the Macleod Trail Accident, and the third person was taken to hospital for further treatment.      

About the Macleod Trail Road Accident

Macleod Trail Road Accident is in the news as it turned into a fatal road mishap that took the life of two people and caused severe injuries to the third person involved in the accident. 

Soon after the accident, the Calgary Police took charge of the case and investigated the three-car collision case close to Lake Fraser Gate. The emergency crew promptly responded to the accident scene and arrived by 5:30 PM. 

The two occupants of the sedan car were from Canada, and they were pronounced dead on arrival by medical authorities.   

What are the Results of the Macleod Trail Accident?

Sergeant Colin Foster from Collision Reconstruction Unit confirmed that a pick-up truck and two sedan cars were involved in the Macleod Trail Road Accident. The pick-up truck was heading northbound on the Macleod Trail. Due to the car’s high speed, the drive failed to gain control and struck the white sedan from the back. 

Both the vehicles went over the median, where they hit another south-facing sedan. Both the passengers in the sedan were pronounced dead on the spot by the authorities while one person was seriously injured in the Macleod Trail Accident.

In the evening, the police arrived and talked to the media. They revealed that one person involved in the accident was taken into custody, and an investigation is going on. The police arrested the person at a Ford Dealer after he fled the accident scene on foot.

How Many People Died and Injured in the Accident?

As per the sources, there were three people involved in the road mishap, of which two people were dead on the spot, and the third person was admitted to the hospital as the person incurred severe injuries. 

The sources also confirmed that the third person incurred non-life-threatening injuries and was admitted to the hospital after the Macleod Trail Accident. Now the person is in stable condition, and treatment is going on.    

The investigation continues as police ask the locales if they have seen the accident or any footage available to support the study. Post road mishap, the Macleod Trail is closed from both directions. The road was blocked for the entire night, and police urged people to take another route and avoid the area. 


The Macleod Trail is a busy road, and accidents take place very often. However, the recent Macleod Trail Accident is making news amongst people as it was severe and fatal.  

The person involved in the accident is in police custody, and investigation of the accident scene is ongoing. There is news all over online, and people are getting updates on it.   

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