Mace on Keychain {May 2022} Explore The Complete Info!

Please go through this composition to learn about the Mace on Keychain, a self-defense product manufactured and supplied by a renowned security brand.

Do you want to be completely assured about your security when leaving home? Do you want to carry the best and easy-to-carry self-defence items available? Then, please read this article to get the crucial information. 

Today’s composition has discussed a self-defence item and its brand. Women from many nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, are interested in getting its details. Thus, please peruse this account to learn about the Mace on Keychain

What is the Keychain Mace?

Mace is a brand that provides personal security gadgets, like safety alarms for apartments, pepper guns, pepper sprays, etc. One of its products is modelled as a keychain with an irritant spray. Women can use this compact device as a self-defence product. 

Due to the attached keychain, ladies can use this keychain for its natural purpose of fastening keys together. Thus, they do not have to carry a pepper spray separately. Also, it is easier to locate from a bag or pocket in emergencies due to the anchored keys.

What is Inside the Mace Weapon?

The discussed Mace product comprises the pepper spray attached to a keychain. The spray is a type of tear gas composed of phenacyl chloride and hydrocarbon solution. The combination is an aerosol spray that the manufacturers offer in the market packed in a can. 

The other name for the constituent is chloroacetophenone. Police authorities use it as tear gas to control violent situations. The founder of the Mace spray is Alan Lee Litman, and he invented it in the 1960s. If someone sprays this item on the conman’s face, he would not be able to act for a while due to irritation. 

How is Mace on a Chain Useful for Women?

Although anyone can use the mace keychain for personal security, it is particularly beneficial for ladies. Gangsters often take advantage of the natural incapability of women to fight men physically. To battle with these detestable men, ladies must carry a self-defence item. 

The chain form of mace is highly useful as it is very easy to locate in emergencies. Using the attached chain, one can easily pull out the spray from their bag or pocket. Also, women do not need to carry another pepper spray, making their pockets bulky. They can use this product to carry their keys and protect themselves outside.

Is the Mace on Keychain Legal in New York?

According to the state law of New York, there is a restriction on the selling and procurement of mace pepper sprays. However, the state’s ladies have urged the authorities to alter this law through multiple channels. According to a female activist’s blog, she was attacked by a troublemaker on the streets, and her mace spray saved her. However, the product was not deliverable to New York, and she had to procure it from New Jersey.


The said brand has a wide collection of self-defense products on their portal, including the Mace on Keychain. This item is very useful to protect women from the dreadful acts of some people on the streets. In addition to sprays, women should also know some self-defense moves   to be safe outside the home. Have you ever mace keychain? Please share your act of bravery below.

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